Best Cooking Apron for Kids 3-6

Apron 31 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Colorful Waterproof Children Painting Pockets

Colorful Waterproof Children Painting Pockets

The ideal kids gift. This apron is perfect for kids to study cooking, baking, painting, gardening, doing housework, birthday party chef, and an amazing kids chef costume. Birthday Christmas gifts for your boys. Good quality and safe. Their smocks are made of a smooth, waterproof material that is safe and non-toxic. The smocks are easy to clean with soap and water. The protection design is effctIVE. Their toddler smock has long sleeves for best protection and is easy to use. The toddler apron has 3 front pockets that help children to hold items. There is an overall size. The full sleeve is 23.0 x 17.1 inches. A one size fits all for kids from 2 to 6 years old. Their child's apron is perfect for kid's watercolors and sponges paint. Kids who love drawing and painting can protect their clothes from being stained with their waterproof art smocks. There is a concierge service. If you have a concern with your purchase, please contact them. They would love to make it right.

Brand: Zkptops

👤I like to use these as sleeved bibs for my 2 year old who has outgrown the sleeved bibs for 12 to 24 month olds. The only complaint I have is that there is only one piece of velcro about an inch long, which fits halfway down the back at the base of the shoulder blades, and does not secure the neck. These are great for keeping your kids' clothes clean, but you may want to use a safety pin to secure the neck, or add some more velcro.

👤I have used them for everything from coloring eggs to playing with water. It's very easy to clean. I ordered the 6 pack because it was only a few dollars more than the 2 pack, and I have only 2 children. It is easy to wash in the sink and use another one. My kids are big for their ages and the capes are still big on them. I use a chip clip to make them fit and the kids don't notice it, we are all good.

👤I bought them for my class. They looked adorable, but they are not durable. The threads loosened after the first wear. The clothes became wet or stained because of the water and paint that was in the fabric. I wouldn't buy again.

👤I was not sure if the smocks would fit a child over the age of 5. The smock fit my daughter. She is above 48 inches. She has sleeves above her wrists. My son is about 44 inches tall. It works well for him as well. There is still room around his waist despite the sleeves reaching his wrists. I am not sure how well these smocks will hold up in the washing machine. I bought this pack for my son's kindergarten class, so I'm crossing my fingers.

👤These are great for kids 1-10 for crafting, painting, or even eating something messy. They clean well. I can put them in the washing machine and let them dry on the hangers for the next use. I have bought these for our family several times.

👤The elastic wrists are easy to wipe off, I only used them once so washing them in a machine has not been tried, my oldest is 5 and it fits him perfectly.

👤I will buy a new set every year or so because they get painted on and get crusty, but I have bought this product twice now. The kids and their parents love these because their clothes are protected. The smocks fit all of my children with no problems. This product is awesome!

👤This is a great garment. They are wrapped individually so that you can give them away or use them as gifts. My two year old is the only thing I have noticed. The food can be spilled down her front. If you are trying to keep your child's clothes clean from food, I would use this as a deterrent.

👤It is a 6 pack. I use the small size for work with children under the age of 5. I added more Velcro to make them snug. I only used them a couple of times today because O just received them. There is a They are a little thin. I washed them by hand or on a gentle cycle. I like that they are long and cover the kids' waist, which is great as they can get messy during snacks or lunch. I like these smocks. I will update my review once I have had them for longer.

2. Jennice House Aprons Artists Adjustable

Jennice House Aprons Artists Adjustable

Kids aprons have a neck strap and tie waist. A funny animal print is a great gift. There are two sizes available, S--15X19" and L--19X23", for ages 3-6 years. The front pocket has small gadgets in it. Children aprons are easy to clean.

Brand: Jennice House

👤These are fun for cookie makers. My granddaughters loved their clothes.

👤I was drawn to the apron because it was for my grandson, but it was not pink. The compliment stop there. It's TINY. I bought the large size. I wonder how big the small is. My grandson is a small to medium build. old. I'm going to bring this to him for 10 hours. away. It's not going to fit, but I have everything I need for when we cook together. I am very disappointed. The neck strap and the strap to tie around your waist are not very good. You can see the straps more closely if you enlarge the picture. The main problem is that this is a tiny apron. Shame on Amazon for selling it.

👤This smock is used instead of a standard bib. We eat a lot of Indian food that stains so we wanted maximum clothing coverage for toddler mealtime. It works great as a bib because it is thin and absorbent. The neck strap can be cinched up and loosened using a "buckle". The straps are tied around his back. It's easy to keep food out of the chair and off the clothing when we fold up.

👤I bought them in small and medium for my children. The aprons are hanging next to me in the kitchen. Having an apron makes cooking feel official, because they love them. The kids help with dinner and mess up their clothes, so these are functional. These are easy to wash and will keep the kids from staining their school clothes or having to change clothes to help with dinner. I liked the prints of animals. It's hard to find aprons that are gender neutral. I teach my children that everyone is responsible for housework. It was nice to have a theme for both of my kids.

👤This apron is a big enough size to fit my 8 year old perfectly, it has bright colors and is cute. The reason I gave it a 4 star instead of a 5 is because the neck adjustment doesn't stay in place and causes the apron to slink down and not stay up properly, it's a minor defect and could be fixed with a little stitch.

👤My little helps in the kitchen a lot. He has a play kitchen of his own. He likes playing chef. We have some cute pictures of him cooking because he always puts on his apron. The star was docked because the part around the neck is hard for small fingers to work. It has to be adjusted by an adult every time. Despite being washed several times, it is well made and no unraveling seams.

👤I read reviews suggesting that the apron was small, before I ordered it for my granddaughter. I ordered a large despite the fact that it is for a three year old. The apron will be a tad long for her, but anything less than that would not fit for very long. I advise others to buy the large for young kids, as I am happy with the apron.

3. Gemeer Complete Cooking Baking Utensil

Gemeer Complete Cooking Baking Utensil

This set is great for kitchen classroom, painting class and party, easy to decorate with marker, paint, iron on or embroidered, suitable for kids age above 12 years old. All-in-One Children Kitchen Kit includes a chef hat, egg whisk, spatula, and piping pump. The key to attracting boys to learn and enjoy baking is their dinosaurs-themed apron. The chef suit is made of Oxford fabric to ensure long-term use. It is machine washed for easier cleaning. Gemeer child-sized bakeware are all safety tested and approved as food-grade material. The utensils can be put in the oven. It's perfect for little hands who want to cook. It's a great way to keep the kids entertained when they're at home. Help budding cooks learn kitchen skills, improve their hands-on ability, or just promote a parent-child bonding atmosphere. It is a perfect gift for little chef. Highly recommended as Christmas gift, Birthday gift, Holiday gift or Festival gift. All package boxes are marked 3+ if you select the right size.

Brand: Gemeer

👤I knew my granddaughter's brother would be playing with her in the kitchen. She had an apron with a hat. I got this for him. He was unwrapping the rest of Christmas when he first thought of dinosaurs. It was what I expected. Some people said it was not worth it. They must not sew because the binding and material are not Cheep. I expected it to be just as it was.

👤The product is good, but the hat is too small. The apron is easy to clean. The accessories are just a bonus for playing.

👤My grandson loved it! He likes to bake with his mom and now they both have aprons and tools to help with their projects. I was happy that they loved it so much.

👤I added it to be a gift. It is not as big as it looks. It's very cute.

👤His birthday cake was the first thing he made.

👤It was given to my nephew as a present.

👤My granddaughter and I had our first time baking with this set.

👤The bake set is really good value.

👤For Christmas, I bought for my nephew. He loved it!

👤It's brilliant for anyone who loves baking. Good value for money.

👤The value is great. Some parts are usable, some are not. There is a My son loves wearing the hat and apron.

4. Novelty Place Kids Apron Chef

Novelty Place Kids Apron Chef

The machine wash has some colors. Do not wash or dry. Save you time and energy. Premium fabrics are used in the Novelty Place kid's chef hat apron set. Excellent quality, kid-friendly, and machine-washable. An ideal garment for your kids who want to help you cook. It's perfect for teachable moments, no matter how long it takes in the kitchen, or how long it takes in the classroom, or just use them for crafts, playtime dress-up or costume play. Stay professional and have fun! One size fits all, with a neck strap and chef hat that fit most sizes. Check out their size recommendations. You can create personalized embroidered apron set for domestic use or a special event. The package contains three sets of products, each set includes an apron and a chef hat. A lovely apron with a strap of 24 and one large pocket is for ages 3-6. There is a chef hat with an elastic band in the back. They stand behind their products. All items sold by Novelty Place have a 3-MONTH replacement warranty.

Brand: Novelty Place

👤This isn't cotton. I bought this because it said it was cotton. I was going to dye them and use cotton and natural fiber. When it arrived, I thought I had bought the wrong one and checked the website, but it said 100% cotton in the title. I thought I was mistaken. I tried to dye it, but the color was stripped out. This has happened before when I accidentally used synthetic fibers, since the dye isn't intended for synthetic fibers. Don't buy this if you want 100% cotton. I am upset that the seller misrepresented the material, if you don't care it doesn't matter.

👤I bought 3 sets of these for my day care kids to use. They looked adorable wearing them. I used heat transfer vinyl to add their names. It's fun and cute. It was made with good material and fit children from 112 to 6.

👤I was a little hesitant about buying these aprons because of the price and the cotton. I did it. I knew my instincts were correct when I got it. It's made of polyester. I was offered a 10% refund after I asked for proof of the material. nah! I'm returning them.

👤I bought these for a holiday visit with my family and we spent 90 minutes with each grandchild making their own apron and I wrote their names on the chef hats with fabric markers. The kids wore their hats and aprons when they baked cookies for the rest of the week. The chef hats made it easier to keep their hair out of the cookie dough. The kids were aged 4 to 10 and both hats and aprons worked out well.

👤I think they are a good value. They fit my kids perfectly. The kids like to cook in the kitchen. It makes cooking more enjoyable. The kids seem to take the process more seriously if they are wearing chef hats and aprons. Go figure! Everyone behaves better when they are in the uniform.

👤I bought them for my troop. They were a little bit more waxy than I had expected. I was able to add each girl's name with a few applications of paint. I applied markers, fabric markers, and paint to them. The puffy paint worked well even though it bled a bit. The perfect size for young children.

👤These were used for Christmas gifts for kids. My nieces and nephews were given aprons with cookie cutter and baking supplies. Everyone loved them.

👤These were purchased to make pizza-making even more fun. All of them will fit as the neck straps are adjusted. Excellent stitching quality. I put iron-on black letters on their names. We couldn't use the included chefs hats because they are too small, but after contacting the vendor, they offered a partial reimbursement to compensate. Customer service from this vendor was excellent.

👤I picked up these aprons and chef hats for my granddaughter as a Christmas present. It looked like there was only one apron and one hat, however on closer inspection there were 3 chef hats and 3 aprons all in the same package. She is an aspiring baker and will be happy to receive this as part of the present and have a couple on hand for her brother or friends if she would like to join her.

5. PASHOP Unicorn Adjustable Children Painting

PASHOP Unicorn Adjustable Children Painting

The kids apron is made of waterproof material and tear-proof. You could adjust the strap according to the height of the kids. The waist ties are longer than ordinary kids aprons to fit children of more age groups. The child chef apron is suitable for many things. This apron can be used for a variety of events, from art courses to birthday parties. A perfect gift is to spark your child's senses. The aprons are great gifts for little boys and girls who love to play and artistic activities. Hang dry with low heat and gentle hand and machine wash. Strong washing liquids will cause color run and should not be used. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Pashop

👤The first time I opened the bag, it smelled like a dead fish. My husband could smell it in the next room. I had to wash them 4 times until the smell came out. The stitching began to come and needed some mending. They are not the best quality. The ones you get are the same quality. The fabric is not cotton. It is definitely a synthetic material. It was the only positive thing that happened with all the washing and soaking. The color stayed vibrant. For the sake of everyone else. I hope my smell was the only one like this.

👤My daughters love them. They're a bit on the cheap, but really for a kids' apron, they are exactly what I expected, and the prints are very cute. I double up the fabric before tying so it's not too long, which works fine, but they're a bit big on my girls' size X, which is fine. S/M. I haven't washed them. I think they should hold up. I would recommend this buy.

👤These aprons are cute for kids to wear in the kitchen or anywhere you want to protect their clothes. When they arrived, they had an odor but I cleaned them and let them air and now they smell better.

👤I like the quality of the money, but I didn't like the fact that the ad featured two aprons in different colors. The aprons I received were not the ones pictured.

👤My daughter loves to play in her kitchen and wear them. She is in the kitchen with me. The patters are adorable.

👤I am a professional chef and mother of twins and I bought this beautiful apron for my 3 year old daughter who loves it and we baked a chocolate cake the first time she wore it. She got messy. It was very easy to clean the washer. I think this product is great.

👤There is a very toxic poop smell. I don't want to feel the ache of returning. I will try to wash a few times. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤The product is strong and good value. A gift for kids to make them happy and helpful in the kitchen is also a perfect gift.

👤Every time my grand baby comes over, she goes to the cupboard where the aprons are. She puts on her apron and says "Cookies, please". The batter is everywhere when we make cookies. Her clothes are not on the apron. You can adjust the size of the aprons.

👤The aprons my granddaughters love are pretty and they didn't want to get them dirty. The ring works well. The aprons are large enough to fit true to size.

👤They are very cute, but small in size. My two year old was a shirt on my five year old. She had it below her hips. Good quality material, but not as good as I was expecting.

👤Beaux tabliers pour enfants.

👤A good quality apron for a young chef. It was a nice fit.

6. Children Painting Classroom Community Activity

Children Painting Classroom Community Activity

It is suitable for children aged 3 to 7 years. The material is water resistant and easy to clean and dry. The application is wide. The fabric aprons are applied in the kitchen, classroom, community event, crafts, and birthday party to keep kids and their clothes clean.

Brand: Uxcongoid

7. Will Well Adjustable Resistant Cooking

Will Well Adjustable Resistant Cooking

Not rubber vinyl. The Teflon coated kitchen bib aprons are water resistant, oil resistant and dirty proof and provide superior protection from kitchen grease, spills and food stains. 3 times more durable than generic aprons. Buy 2 Pack Kitchen Aprons here. It is soft to touch and comfortable to wear. Premium polyester fiber feels like cotton material and is made of uniform cloth. It's safe for you and your family. The large cooking aprons cover from the chest to the knee. The neck strap is adjusted for a snug fit. Extra long ties can be wrapped from the front or back depending on the user's comfort. There are two pockets in the middle of the apron that are easy to hold. The black apron is perfect for women and men. The material is light and thin, good for everyday kitchen cooking and is great for cleaning, painting, serving, flipping furniture and many more. It resists wrinkling and shrinks. Please wash with dark colored cloth; dry cleaning and tumble drying are not allowed. If you aren't completely satisfied with the item, please contact them via the Amazon message system.

Brand: Will Well

👤My wife and I cook a lot, and I have always used one of her aprons to protect my clothing. It was difficult to tie the apron behind my back as they are too small for women. The apron is longer than most aprons, has pockets, and tie straps that are long enough to wrap around my front, making it easy to tie. It is lightweight and easy to clean. I'm 5'11" tall and weigh 160 pounds, so don't know how well it will work for larger men, but there is plenty of material to spare for me. There is a If you are looking for an apron that is specifically man-sized, this is the one for you.

👤We had a Covid-19 outbreak and I work in a prison. I was working in the kitchen making food for inmates. I only needed this apron for a month or two, so I bought 2 of them. The neck strap fell off, and one of them only lasted for a couple of weeks. It wasn't sewn on well. I was able to get out of the kitchen and go back to being a therapist after the other one held up for another week. I will be sewing the neck strap back on, but it would have been nicer if it had lasted longer. I hope I never have to go back to working in the prison kitchen, as that is too hard for an old therapist, because I will now use them when I am cooking at home.

👤I bought this to decorate for my husband. It worked out great. It's good that he's a 2XL person for shirts. My HTV was held perfectly. Good size pockets. He loves it!

👤The apron works. The apron is not magic. It has a Teflon coated layer. Theee is not magic about that. These materials have been around for a long time and have never been magical. The apron is satisfactory.

👤I have been using a heavy canvas apron for 20 years and wanted something lighter in weight and easier to wash. I can't believe I waited so long. The apron seems well made, covers me well, and is easy to wash. Cannot beat the value.

👤The company gave a review that was less than 5 stars. A new and improved version was shipped to Amazon. New aprons are going to be mixed with old ones because they didn't tell Amazon to dispose of the old ones like they should. I don't think that was wise of them because a lot of people are going to get the old aprons and get soaked with water. I work at a restaurant that does a lot of dishes and I end up getting water on the apron even if I am careful. I'll change my rating if the company throws away the old aprons and I test one that is better. I will not give a 5 star review until then.

👤I wanted a plain apron, and so far it is working out well for me. I wanted to get one for my boyfriend, but it wouldn't fit us both, but it would be nice if he cooked. The material is good, but haven't washed it yet. I am sure it will hold up. The pockets are a plus.

8. Play Circle Battat Accessories Toddlers

Play Circle Battat Accessories Toddlers

Birthday gift, holiday gift, mother's day gift, Christmas gift, surprise to your girlfriend, wife or mother as a birthday gift. Chef's outfit and cooking accessories are perfect for small hands and larger imaginations. The apron has front pockets that hold all your magical ingredients, and the chef's hat is comfortable for toddlers. The kitchen accessories are perfect for playing house and dress-up and are great with a variety of toy food playsets. There is an apron with ruffles, a chef's hat with bow, a pretend oven mitt, and a spatula. Fine motor and social skills are taught.

Brand: Play Circle

👤What I was looking for was exactly what I was looking for. My granddaughter was going to bake. She has plenty of room to grow and she wears a 3T.

👤The product is disappointing. I put it in my daughter's kitchen for Christmas. The amount of plastic tie downs is excessive. It took me a long time to get them all out. There is a HOLES are not just pin holes. As I wash the apron, that will grow. There is a The pot holder hanging loops are not even, the mitt is small and can't hang from anything. I will never purchase anything from this brand again.

👤My 6 year old loves to play in the kitchen so we bought this for him. The fabric and sewing of the cloth products seem to be well-made. The set is adorable. I can't give it 5 stars because it runs small and my daughter was disappointed when it didn't fit after opening Christmas morning. The hat has something on it. I've never seen anything like that before. They should re-market their product alone. It took 2 of us 5 minutes to get it out of my toddler's hair. I'll probably replace the velcro so it doesn't ruin clothes and furniture, because my youngest just realized it's neat to pull it off the couch pillows. Replacing the velcro is definitely a possibility. Since we bought a different brand for our toddler, they were able to swap sets, which is the only reason we ended up with happy girls.

👤I got this for my grandpa. She likes to cook. She pretends all the time. The oven mitt and pot holder are adorable and the colors are good. They are so small. The hat and apron are interchangeable. She is going to love them. I can't wait to eat with her. It is definitely a great buy.

👤The little girl's chef set is very nice. The colors and quality are nice. The hat is small compared to the apron. My granddaughter has a small hat that barely fits her head, and she has to wear it on the biggest adjustment. Granny has to fold the apron over because it is so long. The hat needs to be bigger. It would be a shame if an older child couldn't wear the hat.

👤My daughter loves playing in the kitchen and we got her a cute apron set for her 2nd birthday. She loves it! The apron is large for her. She can wear it comfortably. There was a chef hat and kitchen accessories. Would recommend this set to anyone with a child who likes to bake and cook.

👤It's super adorable. It's perfect for my 2.5 year old and still has room to grow. The hat has an extra 1.5 inches on the velcro. It fits great. I think she will be able to wear it for many more years.

👤It's adorable! It would have been perfect for my 3 year old who is taller than the average 3 year old girl, even if she was shorter. The quality is excellent. There was no staining or fraying. My daughter loves the cute chef hat. The price is great for the buy.

9. Tickle Main Princess Recipes Cookbook

Tickle Main Princess Recipes Cookbook

The functional pocket is located on the front center and can be used to hold items while baking, cooking, gardening, painting, or crafting projects. The gift set includes a apron, hat, and cookbook. This is the perfect gift to get her excited about cooking and baking. Both APRON and Chef Hat can be adjusted to fit 3-7 year olds. The polycotton is fully machine washed. The chef hat has a heart design with sewn rhinestones. The apron has a pocket and straps. The heart print and polka dot design makes for a cute chef. I Hereby CROWN You Chef is an educational storybook that teaches kids the basics of cooking and baking, with tips on safety, following recipes, and using cooking tools and utensils. The Storybook was written by Driscoll and illustrated by Santos. The recipes in the cookbook are easy to follow and fun to make. The recipes include Castle Cupcakes, Fairytale Fudge, Magic Wand Pretzels, Princess Pancakes, Unicorn Toast, Royal Rice Krispy Treat, Queen's Quesadillas, Captivating Cake Pops, Her Majesty Mac n Cheese, and Prince Charming's Pizza Rolls. Photographs and easy step by step instructions are included. The gift is ready in the box with the flap and ribbon.

Brand: Tickle & Main

👤My grand daughter and her brother love to cook. I wasn't sure how this three year old girl would respond to the Chef hat, but when she put it on and took it back off, I wasn't surprised. She will grow into it. When she opened her birthday gift, she was happy with it. She likes it. She sat down and looked through the pages as her mother explained that they could work together in the kitchen to cook delicious food. I received a Marco Polo from them a week after she got the book. My grand daughter wanted to show me some cake pops. She held each one up, one by one, and told me they ran out of sprinkles. As she held up the last few cake pops her older brother pointed out the chocolate chips on them as a stand in for sprinkles. I can see many moments of learning and pleasure as my granddaughters learn basic cooking skills with their mother through this little recipe book. The dress up apron and chef hat are a nice bonus, and I am sure some little girls would toss the book aside. This little grand daughter and her family were met with my main goal. Her one year old brother will join in on the family cooking experiences soon. This gift can bring the family together and make them happy.

👤I bought this for my 4 year old who likes to help in the kitchen. The book of recipes are fun for little girls to make. It was a perfect gift.

👤My daughter wanted to wear an apron. She found this and was set on it. It is the same fabric as a real apron and the apron is adorable. She loves the cookbook that came with the set. She is 7. The hat will fit for a while, but the apron will probably fit for another year.

👤This is the sweetest gift I got for my child. Both of my daughters love it. The recipes are great, and we have eaten everything we've made, and we made the princess pancakes twice. There is a My younger daughter loves the book and was crowned a chef. I will buy one for my niece.

👤My granddaughter was very happy. Several things from the cookbook have already been cooked by my daughter and her sister.

👤This was very cute for my grand daughter's birthday party. The chef's hat is comfortable because she wore it. The cookbook and storybook are very cute. The apron can be adjusted. Doesn't look like much at first. There is a functional gift in the box after you open it.

👤The five year old wanted to be a chef. I am far away from her. I ordered this for her. Her parents tell me that she loves it and that she was ready to become a famous chef after opening it. I was happy I was able to send it via Amazon because I didn't see it in person.

10. SINLAND Pocket Children Cooking Painting

SINLAND Pocket Children Cooking Painting

The fabric is very durable, machine washable, non-deformation. It is possible to fit little helpers of all sizes. Kids of all ages, sizes and shapes can wear an apron with an elastic neck strap and a quick tie in the back. The Functional Pocket is located on the front center and can be used to hold items while baking, cooking, gardening, painting, or crafting projects. It's Applicable for Multiple Occasions to keep your kids clean and happy while Baking, playing kitchen cooking, candy-making, painting, and helping mama with the housework. This apron is a great gift for Christmas, Holidays, Dinner Parties, Birthday parties, Thanksgiving days, family gifts.

Brand: Sinland

👤I don't recommend this product. If you have to pay a little bit less, please look for a better product. $10 is not cheap and I was expecting a better product. The fabric is cheap. Do not buy.

👤I put one apron in the washer and let my son wear the second one. The aprons looked nice and my son was cute. He was wearing a strap on the first day. When I got the other one out of the washer and dryer, there were a lot of threads that were loose, and in some places it looked like it was bunched up and wrinkly. I will not be buying this brand again.

👤I ordered 2 packs of 2 because they said they were for small children. The medium size was large enough for an adult. They aren't made to last for children. They are not as described in the description.

👤My daughter-in-law had eye surgery on their anniversary. I decided to make dinner for the boys, 3 and 6. I bought aprons that were cute for the kids and they made a big hit. The boys used tongs to put on their parents plates. It was very cute. The mom was trying not to cry because of the surgery.

👤They like to help in the kitchen so they bought them. Put their names on each character. Hope they like them. I order these for the adults and my son who cooks his meat products every night on Traeger, because I am so excited to do it.

👤My kid had an art themed party and I bought this for all the kids to sign and for my kid to use as an art smock. It was plain white. I had the kids trace their handprints and sign them with fabric marker. We sewed it back on after one of the straps broke, but my kid only wore it once. Not bad.

👤It was perfect for my project. The apron was for an art project. My girls are doing crafts and need something to wear. The material worked well with the iron vinyl. They are very thick and do the job of protecting clothes while the littles are crafting away. When my other kids are big enough for one, I will buy more.

👤I purchased these to go with a childs cookbook that I also purchased as a Christmas gift for the family, the kids are 5 and 7. The kids were excited to have aprons of their own. They can now enjoy baking and staying clean.

👤The aprons are supposed to be a blend of cotton and poly. The fabric is very synthetic and similar to the light grocery store bags. They are okay for painting, but not great for cooking, which is what I wanted them for. It was also very poorly made. If I had known what they were like, I wouldn't have bought them. I have purchased aprons for adults that were 100% cotton.

👤It was perfect! I work in the kitchen. I bought these because they fit exactly how I wanted them, and they were long for me. One wash can take the stiffness away. The safety pin was a precautionary measure. The strap works without it. The product was great for the price.

11. Play Tailor Cooking Adjustable Pockets

Play Tailor Cooking Adjustable Pockets

Every cook needs an apron. Kids will enjoy learning in happy playing with the bright aprons that are specially designed for them. The apron chef hat set is a great gift for kids because it is lightweight and durable. Excellent present for birthday and holidays for active and curious child. Responsive design The elastic on the back of the chef hat is comfortable for most kids. The aron and chef hat set is for little chefs who want to be relaxed. Imagine where you would find your children's small spoon, brush, and shovel. Their aprons have 2 pockets in front, which give them enough room for kids' bake cook and paint tools, as well as keeping everything handy for use. Please refer to the size chart for a precize size for toddlers, little kids and big kids, as there are two sizes available.

Brand: Play Tailor

👤I bought this material for my 2.5 year old grandson. There is plenty of room for him to grow with it. Well made, nice pockets, hat is also well made. If I'm ahead with this, it will be worth the price years. Thank you Amazon!

👤My 3 year old is swallowing it. Goes past knees. The hat is cute. The material holds up to washing so far.

👤Mi hijo de tres aos est.

👤I bought this for my granddaughter. She looks like a picture. It was a nice color, I bought it.

👤This was brought for our grandson. He likes to do dress up. The material fits well. He was very happy to see that it had pockets.

👤I had a special event for some of my students. These chef outfits were perfect for covering the two activities I had planned for the event. The girls had a great time on that day thanks to you.

👤My granddaughter likes this apron. She received it along with several junior baking sets. She is cooking.

👤My granddaughter loves to cook. She likes this! It is on the door in the kitchen.


What is the best product for cooking apron for kids 3-6?

Cooking apron for kids 3-6 products from Zkptops. In this article about cooking apron for kids 3-6 you can see why people choose the product. Jennice House and Gemeer are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking apron for kids 3-6.

What are the best brands for cooking apron for kids 3-6?

Zkptops, Jennice House and Gemeer are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking apron for kids 3-6. Find the detail in this article. Novelty Place, Pashop and Uxcongoid are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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