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1. Greater Goods Kitchen Sous Vide

Greater Goods Kitchen Sous Vide

U.S. bases support. Dash provides contact information in each product manual. The best of both worlds is what a sous vide cooker is. Five years ago, slow cook pots were new. It is time to try sous. The high wattage is high. The 1100 watt machine will get you up to your desired temperature in no time. No more waiting for dinner to start. Thanks to the motor, the sous vide is quiet. The Greater Goods sous vide sounds like an ocean liner, but it only has a gentle ripple. The temperature range is nearly 150 degree range. For a good slow cook, you have to cover all the bases. Anyone can use it. You can just stick it in a water bath, set your temperature, add all your ingredients to a bag, and then dip it in. It's like a jacuzzi for food. It is sleek and slick. They think this sous vide is easy to look at. It is a device made of all latex free materials that you can impress your friends with. A good looking kitchen machine. All the little things matter at Greater Goods. There are two units of measurement, fahrenheit and celsius, a manual calibration feature, a negative timer, and a dishwasher safe cover for their sous vide.

Brand: Greater Goods

👤I like this device because it can be used in your kitchen. If you decide to purchase a Sous vide container, you can get one for about $20, which is less than the cost of a bulky one. You can use this with a large stockpot. It's easy to use and does a good job of keeping the temperature accurate. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a simple and easy-to-use portable sous vide, even though it won't have some of the advanced settings you might be looking for. A nice pan sear is what you should use to finish off some of the food. You could pick up a flambé torch, similar to what you'd use for crme brlée. Fine cooking and gastronomy-level cooking is what sous vide is for. It's not a quick way to cook food. This isn't an instant pot type device. This will help you to cook your food in a way that is perfect. It means that you can leave without cooking or drying your food. You can finish off the sear you want with a perfect texture and temperature. I believe that all households should have this for when they want to cook a little more fancy. You don't need to get vacuum-sealing items. You can use your typical bags to seal them more quickly and cheaply.

👤I received this cooker in return for a review. I have no other units to compare to because this is the first sous vide cooker we have ever used. There is a The human interface is very easy to use - plug in, adjust temperature, click, adjust cooking hours, click, and that's it. The only things that are not intuitive are the ones that have a button on them and have to turn it off for 2 seconds, 4 seconds, and 6 seconds. I recommend that you put your finger on the center of the wheel as you are less likely to disturb the setting that you just dial in. There is a The unit heated 4 quarts of water in 23 minutes. It can hold up to 16 quarts. The kitchen temperature standard is the Thermapen Mk4 and I checked the accuracy of the temperature with it. The temperature that you set is what the two agreed to. There was no need to calibrate the unit I received. There is a The unit is silent. You can hear the low sound of the circulating water if you strain. It has a 5 year warranty and is very well constructed. There is a When the timer expires, the unit continues to heat and shows the time past the timer setting as a negative number. When the timer expires, it doesn't shut off. I'm not a chef, but I was very pleased with it.

👤If you're like me, you'll find it hard to get steaks/fish/meats cooked to the perfect temperature in the pan, and this thing will help you to step up your cooking game. It's not that complicated to cook sous-vide once you've seen a few videos and tried it out. I'm still a sous. I can't really compare the GG to other circulators but I'm very pleased with it so far. Simple but high quality. There is a This is a solid choice. Look at the clip on this thing and compare it to the other options in this price range. Everything is sturdy and can be adjusted to fit different pots. The strong hold is important when water is flowing. Can it be connected to your phone and turned on while you sit on the toilet and look at graphs of temperature levels? No. It has all the features I needed. GG always has great but simple products.

2. Nostalgia SMM200 Stainless Compartment Marshmallows

Nostalgia SMM200 Stainless Compartment Marshmallows

Roast marshmallows to perfection over the electric flameless heater and bring outdoor fun indoors. The electric flameless heater is built with safety in mind, it only requires an electrical outlet to start making golden brown smudges. Roasting forks are used to make S'mores and keep hands away from the fire. Never use abrasive cleaners on the unit. The base of the S'mores maker is durable and easy to disassemble. There is no BPA free. Set up a S'mores station at any party and it will be worth the celebration.

Brand: Nostalgia

👤I want my kids to have fun on family night. They were able to use it safely and they loved it. I had to remind my son that he could have burned his wrist if he had asked for help reaching the other side of the serving trays. It gets hot. I was responsible for my younger ones. It takes a while to warm up. The coil will change color. You can roast more quickly when this happens. It seems like it isn't working if you don't wait. They puffed up without being hot. They are hot enough to melt the chocolate around it's edges, but leave it solid in the middle. It doesn't slide around that way. Your arms get tired because the forks are short. We had better luck with the kabob skewers. The kids accidentally touched the grate with the marshmallows. It becomes ashes and can be wiped off. Everything was neatly stored inside the box. I think this would be a great gift for the holidays.

👤This is a great S'mores maker. I wanted to make s'mores without a bonfire. I read online about all of the different s'mores machines, and I'm happy I chose this one. There is a It started heating up right out of the box. We started toasting marshmallows after it was red. I was surprised that it was able to get the marshmallows quickly. I was worried after reading some other reviews. In my home, the time to get the marshmallows was about the same as a bonfire. The s'mores have a familiar taste. We will be using it again and again. Great product.

👤There are a lot of problems with this s'more maker. The heating station does not nest in the center of the trays as you would think. The instructions say to do it. The center of the heater is the ROUND. There is no way to keep it on top of the trays. It's better to put it on the table. That makes the trays superfluous. Without the trays to lift the table, there is no way for the cord to come out. The heating element grid doesn't fit in or snap in correctly. There is no safety feature to prevent burns on the grid. This is a waste of money. Wanting to get a refund.

👤I don't think it does anything other than roast marshmallows, so I only gave it a 1 star. There is a It took too long to heat the marshmallows. I became so impatient that I didn't leave it on long enough to be calledluke warm. I could have just put the marshmallows on the cracker and chocolate and eaten it cold. I think it's nice with it resting on the trays and it's aesthetically pleasing. It would be best if it came with 4 prongs. There is a My favorite part is the part about the picures. I would like to try some of the dessert recipes, but I don't need the s'more maker for it. I bought flameless because I have two children. It is a single portable stovetop with no power or heating element, but only a fraction of the size. I've been wanting a smore maker for a long time. I used to go to restaurants that had smoke makers to make s'mores and it was so enjoyable on cold days. I will get another s'more maker with a flame next year. Only used it once.

3. Airfryer Digital Adjustable Temperature Nonstick

Airfryer Digital Adjustable Temperature Nonstick

There is a digital display with cooking instructions. Cook Feast and less oil. The Digital Air Fryer can save cooking time by 30% and oil by 90%. French Fries, Baking, Fried Chicken Wings, Shrimp, Fish, Steak and Potato are included in the 8 preset cooking options. The best air fryer allows you to change the temperature and time. According to your needs. Viliwin Hot Air Fryer is a great gift for friends. The perfect size can easily meet the needs of a family of 2 to 5. Air fryers are the best seller. The power-off function is auto. When the tray is pulled out, the air fryer will power off. The current program will continue when the tray is put back. It is convenient to check the status during cooking. The Materials of Airfryer are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It's easy to clean with the nonstick tray and handle.

Brand: Viliwin

👤Have you ever wanted to have french fries without preheating? Look no further. The air fryer makes a lot of frozen foods. It is very fast to clean and heats up. I like to put some paper in for less mess. Can't wait to try out more recipes.

👤The product is easy to use. It was easy to clean. Con. Food can burn if accessories are not shut off. A little heavy for the counter top. The product is great for the price.

👤I finally got an air fryer that I wanted for a long time. This is the best decision I have made. I use the air fryer a lot. It is very easy to use. Definitely recommended.

👤This is the best air fryer I have ever used. I cooked 10 chicken wings for my kids in 15 minutes. It can make fries as well. The dishwasher can wash it. This is saving me a lot of time. Highly recommended!

👤I got this for my parents and it came without instructions. There are no recipes. There is nothing to help a person use it. When I tried to demonstrate how to use it, I had a hard time finding the preset. We would have returned the box immediately if it had been thrown away. I'm trying to get it to work. It's frustrating to deal with. They looked online to find no instructions. At. All.

👤I'm tired of having to return items from Amazon. I haven't gotten to return the fryer yet. The electrical was malfunctioning. Beware... If you get a broken one, be prepared to come back.

👤This is a great air fryer. The classic design is something I like. sample works great It's perfect for steak and friers. I don't put oil on the steak because it's still very good. A great partner for mothers.

👤I got my first air fryer. I love the ease of use and quickness of this device. I have already made chicken breast, reheated pizza, roasted garlic and a mug cake. I try to get to it daily. No problems have been reported so far. The panel is hard to use, but I don't think that's true. The temperature only goes up by 10F at a time, so you can only do recipes that are between 400 and 500. I haven't had a problem so far.

4. AmazonBasics Quart Compact Multi Functional Digital

AmazonBasics Quart Compact Multi Functional Digital

You can use the mini multiple cooker to cook rice, eggs, pasta, oatmeal, meatballs, warm up home canned food or soup. It is easy to use, so don't worry about bad cooking. The 1400 watt air fryer kitchen appliance can cook faster. There is a non-stick air frying basket. Automatic shut off features ensure safety. It takes little to no cooking oil to make fried foods. Fry, bake, grill, and roast with one device. The counter top has rubber feet. There is a digital display with cooking instructions.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤It didn't make it through our first attempt. It died 10 minutes in after 13 minutes at 350. Completely turned off and won't turn on again. Try different outlets and see if it is the machine. It had an engine smell that was slightly over worked. There is a hot smell. Wishing us luck after we ordered a replacement. Will change review if it's better.

👤I was hesitant to buy an air fryer after reading so many reviews. The Amazon Basic had the best reviews. It is larger than I anticipated. The first time I tried air frying french fries, it was very easy. It's important to read all the instructions before you start. I can use this air fryer to cook small quantities and not have to heat up my oven as I live alone. Very pleased so far!

👤I didn't want to gain weight but I wanted good food. The air fryer was recommended. This one can do more and just fry veggies. I've already cooked okra, potato fries, sweet potato fries, squash, and ahi tuna. Some frozen corn dogs were also Fried. It's easy to use with clear, logical dials and the pans are easy to hand or dishwasher wash. Cleaning time is shortened by spraying them with cooking oil. A manual helped me learn how to cook.

👤I was wondering if the door should close all the way. There is a I have to open the door to cook it and there is a gap in the door and the rest of the item. There is a The screw on the handle catches when it's put in place because there is no nut on it. I didn't hear back from you. I guess you don't support your product? There is a The handle is broken. The screws came out.

👤I love this air fryer. I waited a long time to get one because they are expensive to cook and there is so much hype about them. I knew I had to buy it because my friend cooked me a Patty that was not very good on the outside. The guy is big but it doesn't bother me because it stays on my counter. Don't buy any other brand. Get this one! You won't find a better deal.

👤The price and the ability to make healthier food is what I like the most. It's not so easy to eat healthy food. I think so. There are some drawbacks. The knobs are loose. The temp settings are not in the common areas, so the time isn't exact. There were 250, 300, 350, and 400. Setting the temperature with loose knobs is not the best. It works. Quality work was not done by Amazon. It could be done easily with easy quality work. Only a 3.5 star.

👤This edition has been great for a family. I bought it for her because she was a little scared to try an air fryer. I thought the pictures on the Amazon site would help her choose a cooking setting. She uses it almost every day. She loves it. The price point and size is perfect for a small family.

5. Ninja AF101 Fryer Black Gray

Ninja AF101 Fryer Black Gray

The product was built to North American and Canadian electrical standards. Air fry with up to 75 percent less fat than traditional frying methods, and tested against hand cut, deep fried French fries. The wide temperature range allows you to cook quickly and gently, and it allows you to cook with heat. 2 pounds of french fries can fit in a 4 quart ceramic coated basket and crisper plate. The cord length is 2.6 feet. The unit will need time to warm up. They recommend preheating the unit for 3 minutes before adding your ingredients to get the best results. The combination of low fan speed and low temperature allows dehydration. The dishwasher safe parts are easy to clean.

Brand: Ninja

👤I turned it off immediately and haven't used it since... hope to hear from the manufacturer soon. I've been going back and forth with the Ninja customer service team for the past 2 weeks and haven't come to a conclusion yet. I would take out another star from the review to make it 0 stars. I did not hear from Ninja customer service for more than a month, but I got a full refund after talking to Amazon.

👤I have been studying air fryers for about two years. Counters-pace vs basket size was the subject of the decision. The stand mixer takes up more space than the ninja. It's easy to pull out from under the cabinet to use. I would love for a bigger one to do my entire meal at once. For two people, it does a fair amount of food. The bang shrimp came out quite tasty after I reheated them. Steaks were moist and medium rare, but not cooked on the plate. It works well with salmon and chicken breasts. It's much easier to clean a pan than a stove top. It cooked the chicken, fish, and tater tots in 10 minutes. Less time than a microwave. The Ninja is $200 less than thePhillips, but it doesn't come with grilling or baking accessories. Nuff said.

👤I followed the instructions for cleaning the basket and crisping tray when I unboxed it a few days ago. It has filled my home with a horrible smell of burning plastic and has been used five times. The plastic smell is stronger if you sniff the basket after cooking, because it doesn't look like any of the plastic parts are melting. I think the coating on the basket is releasing the toxic smell when heated. They claim it is ceramic, but I don't think so. It seems to cook food very well. If you don't mind having a headaches from breathing fumes and eating every meal, then get this.

👤The fryer has been in use for 2 weeks and hasn't stopped yet. I wonder how I've lasted this long without one. I am not getting paid by Ninja or endorsed by them. One of the Ninja products blenders I've owned is over 10 years old. They make machines. If you're a lazy cook, this fryer is a life saver. I've been researching air fryers for the past few months and nothing compares to the Ninja. The basket size isn't large enough for the larger fryers, but it cooks quickly and you won't miss the extra quart. It comes with a multi-layer rack, a recipe book, and a crisper. I made wings the first night. I will never buy fried chicken again. They tasted better and were that crisp. I fried chicken in 10 minutes after buying the Louisiana fried chicken flour from Walmart. No greasy mess, no 3rd degree burns from hot oil, and your house doesn't smell like a chicken joint for 4 days after. The Ninja uses a ceramic coating on their fryers, so the clean up is very easy. I made sweet potato fries. I put a bag of frozen babies in the freezer for 10 minutes. They were better than Mcdonald's. The procedure for making homemade fries was too long. You have to peel, slice, and dry the potatoes. I'm ready to eat them in the fryer. The air fryer has been cooking nonstop in this house. I hit the internet to get some recipes and it's been there ever since. The fryer has a feature that makes it fast to cook. Is it frozen chicken wings? No problem! They're defrosted after 10 minutes in the fryer. I've cooked pizza, fries, wings, reheated food, and baked a chocolate cake. Everything came out perfect. Next up is donuts. The only thing I don't like about this fryer is that it shuts off after 30 seconds. This is a safety feature. I always have more to cook. I have used my microwave twice in the last 2 weeks to make coffee. I did cinnamon rolls as well. It takes 20 minutes in the oven for Pillsbury ones. If you like them brown, you can watch 8 minutes in the Ninja. They would be perfect if I stopped it at 5 min. My house smelled like a factory. I have used every feature on this fryer. I'll be making beef jerky soon. I am very happy. The price was the best selling feature. The Ninja is a bit larger than some of the bulkier fryers, but it fits under my cabinet nicely. I'm happy it only used 1500W, unlike some of the larger fryers that burn 1800 which could kill your light bill. The outside of the fryer doesn't get hot, so you won't have to worry about getting burned, but do take caution when taking your food out. Is it loud? The exhaust fan on my stove is louder than the Ninja. The extension cord is long so you don't have to worry about being limited in where you can place it. I think I have covered everything. This thing is very dangerous. If you're wondering what cookware you can use, just about anything you put in a microwave, you can put in the Ninja. I went to the Dollar Tree and bought some foil pans. You should grab some tongs so you don't scratch the surface of the fryer. A kid getting a new bike for Christmas is what this thing has been like. You will be happy with this purchase. Happy and healthy cooking!

6. Nutribullet Superfood Nutrition Extractor NBR 0601

Nutribullet Superfood Nutrition Extractor NBR 0601

The included items are a hand blender, whisk and milk frother. The easiest way to make a smoothie is with the NutriBullet. Load it up with your favorite whole foods, then push, twist and blend your way to a healthier lifestyle. The 600 watt motor and refined blades blend whole foods into liquid fuel for your body in seconds. A 600W motor base, an Extractor blade, a to-go lid, and a recipe book are included. Powerful blades break down tough ingredients. The plastic cups are long lasting. Simply remove the blade, rinse with soap and water, and put the cups in the top rack of the dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning. This item comes with a limited edition. Refer to the user manual before use. The product was built to North American and Canadian electrical standards.

Brand: Nutribullet

👤The cup was torn apart when I put a small ice cube in it. I tasted bits of plastic after drinking the smoothie. The cup was brand new after just three uses. Weak quality and false advertising of the product.

👤I've been debating on buying this for a while, and I've been going back and forth between Amazon and other stores, but I'm afraid to commit, and the price was way better on Amazon. Despite some negative reviews, I went ahead and purchased a gift card and followed the directions given to me by many users. I have had it for 3 days now and have made a smoothie every day. I made a smoothie with a frozen banana, raw oats, peanut butter, and oat milk and it blends great. I know it sounds weird, but yesterday was a frozen banana, frozen tropical fruits, frozen oats, and some romaine lettuce. I could barely taste it. It was great and again, more frozen stuff, but blended well. I added walnuts to the smoothie today and there was no issue with it. Before you start using the Nutribullet, you should read the short user guide. I have a sheet that shows you how to put your food in the device on my refrigerator. This blender is not meant to blend things without liquid, so add a decent amount of liquid. If I'm trying to cut down on calories, I'll put some water in there to make it taste better. I got a 3-year warranty just in case. I expect to use this for a long time. One of the best purchases I have made so far.

👤My first bullet was this one. I bought one a few years ago. It lasted a long time. I was surprised that this one stopped suddenly, started smoking and smelled like it was burning on the first use. It wasn't packed to the max. It was under the max line. It didn't smoke or smell like it was heating up again, but once again it stopped mid-mix, and my contents inside were not blended well. I'm not sure what's going on. I would either like a refund or a replacement. This was a bad purchase. There were problems with it the first day. I tried to get in touch with Amazon customer service to get a refund, but it still doesn't work well at all, even though I tried. It was very frustrating. I can send it back and get a refund.

👤I've used this 5 times. The instructions were followed. Didn't overfill the cup. Didn't tighten the blade. Didn't blend for a while. Everything was washed thoroughly. The gasket on the edge of the blade part came loose when I opened the blender to drink my smoothie. I bet that happens all the time, I'll simply reseat it. You need to buy a whole new blade because of the 0.25c gasket coming loose with normal use. There is a They know what they're doing. They make a lot of money on the replacement blades and other parts of the original unit. I've heard people complain about the same thing. Thought it was a unit of a machine when it first appeared, but now it looks like the same junk everyone else is selling.

7. GAU 80305 Electric Single Burner 1100 Watts

GAU 80305 Electric Single Burner 1100 Watts

The hot plate and individual temperature controls provide enough heat for all your cooking needs, with a wattage of 1000 Watts. Can be used in the office. Features a temperature regulating device. The power indicator light is on. The rubber feet prevent the product from sliding. Space saving design. The manual states that this item should not be used for more than 60 minutes in a 2 hour period.

Brand: Imusa

👤This is not a good product.

👤You get what you pay for. The first time I fired it up, it blew up and filled my apartment with the smell of burning plastic. I opened the windows, grabbed my cat and we sat in the bathroom for thirty minutes waiting for it to come out. After it had smoked me out, I am still hungry and I will order out if it happens again. I started cooking after it didn't smoke. The damn thing turned off when it got up to temperature. I had to move my water from full on to full off in order to keep it boiling. I threw the little Imusa in the garbage because it obediently turned itself off and died after it was tuckered out. Don't buy it.

👤This product could cause serious burns. The device is not level and pots will fall off and cause burns. A 10 inch pot had trouble staying on the burner. The pot would try to slide off the burner if you tried to stir soup. The country it is on is perfectly level and the legs are not adjusted. I had to wedge something under the left leg to make it stable. I know it isn't an expensive product. I needed it until I replaced the cook top. We tried to contact the company directly, but they didn't respond so we are still hoping. I don't like the company that calls itself IMUSA USA and then makes their products in China. Almost all electronic is produced there. It appears to be deceptive to me. I dislike deceptive companies. I think it's important to mention this part. I can tell you that it shuts itself off and has a problem turning itself back on. It's not terrible for the price. Someone gets a hot pot of anything dumped on them and it's a lawsuit waiting to happen so it should be leveled from the factory.

👤I am very happy with the burner I ordered from the hookah company, it is much better than the one I got. If you find this helpful, please hit the button.

👤The product is worthless and not worth the cost of transporting it to the landfill. If you want to cook something with a resemblance to a consistent temperature, be prepared to micro manage the dial for 45 minutes. I don't understand how a cooking device can be called a cooking device if it doesn't stay in a mode that resembles a consistent temperature. You can actually adjust the temp on a camping stove. If you leave this unit to its own devices, there are two modes, one completely burnt and the other not cooked. If you leave it on low, you will get a high for 15 seconds and then off for 15 minutes.

👤The temperature knob does the bad things others have mentioned and something worse, but it's only been used for 5 months. Sometimes, when I turn it off, the indicator light and burner stay on. Very dangerous. It only takes a very bad problem for me to do it.

8. Nostalgia BST3RR Electric Breakfast Coffeemaker

Nostalgia BST3RR Electric Breakfast Coffeemaker

Chefman provides a 1-year warranty on purchases made with cETL approved, so you can purchase worry-free. You can find a PDF User Guide for information on how to use your product. 120 Volts/1700 Watts. 3-in-1: You can make your coffee, toast and eggs at the same time with this breakfast station. There are multiple functions of the tote. A 7-inch pizza can be made in the oven with a 30-minute timer and can fit up to 4 slices of bread, which can be used to make casseroles, cookies and other delicious meals. The 3-CUPCOFFEE MAKER: The coffeemaker can brew up to 3 ounces. You can enjoy a cup of coffee while your food cooks. Comes with a coffee scoop and a glass carafe. A family-sized wheelbarrow. The large non-stick griddle has plenty of room to fry eggs, omelets, pancakes, sausages, bacon, hashbrowns and other breakfast foods. The oven tray, wire wrack, crumb tray and nonstick griddle are all replaceable, making it easy to clean up. The 3-in-1 design is perfect for small kitchens, apartments, dorms, campers and RV's. The control panel can be used to choose between Grill, Toast/Bake, Warm/Heat, or Oven Off. The indicator light will tell you when the unit is on. Breakfast Station was included.

Brand: Nostalgia

👤This line of products has been enjoyable for me. They have taken a bad turn in regards to honesty. I don't know what to think of them. Coffee is misrepresented. The coffee pot is 4 cups according to two places. There is another place that says 3 cups. Coffee goes everywhere when the pot is half full. There is a Statements and photos show the oven is capable of handling 4 slices of bread. I don't know where they got that loaf of bread. It doesn't contain 4 slices of bread. The bagle barely fits. There is a The power cord is too short. There is a The instructions are limited to how to use the knobs. Period. The knobs are the only things that are self-explanatory about this machine. There are no instructions for how to use something. There is a There are no drawings showing what the parts are. There is a There is a loose tray, but no instructions about how to install it or whether the wire has to be removed first. There is a There is no information on how to remove the plastic parts of the coffee area. I was worried I would break something because the hinges are plastic. There was no description or drawing. There is a Nothing.

👤When I go camping and sleep in the car, I need an oven and cooking station in my trunk. The Teal Elite Gourmet Americana 2-Slice and the Red Nostalgia BST3RR were both on my mind. Both are small. I bought both of them to compare them, as I felt there was not enough information on the product pages. The coffee maker feels low-end and the Teal Americana is smaller. There is a The Red Americana has two heating elements in the same positions, while the Teal Americana has one burner top and one bottom. There is a I liked that the Red Americana's griddle is the size of an oven and that bacon grease will stay on the griddle while it lands on the teal body. There is no bacon grease spatter after using the Teal Americana. Both are cute. You want to make a toy out of it. There is a The buttons of the Red Nostalgia have a flat portion. The Americana has round buttons. To see where they point, I had to paint a white line on them. There is a The coffee pot of the Teal Americana looked more secure in a moving car due to its 3 walls, but in the end, it's the Red Nostalagia carafe which is held stronger by the no-drip ball. There is a The door is opened and the oven rack is tied to it. The Red Americana is not connected to the door and has two different positions. The Red Nostalgia had a length of 19 and the Teal Americana had a length of 18. When water tank opens, the body depth is 7.3 for Teal Americana and similar. The big Red Nostalgia's griddle is very shallow and flat. I was only able to pour 200 liters of water. The cover felt very secure to me, and I felt very twisted. The surface of the Teal Americana is much smaller than the deeper one. I was able to pour more than 500 liters. The Teal has more liquid than the Red. The Red Nostalgia is graduated for 3 cups and contains 522ml, while the Teal Americana is graduated for 4 cups and contains 515ml. There is a I plan to use a portable power station like a MaxOak BlueTTi to power my car camping and I was interested in the Watts in operation. I used a Welltop Plug-in Socket Power Meter, which gave me instant watt amounts. The numbers were rounded to the nearest 5. Coffee Maker Only: 605W vs Red Nostalgia: 570W is similar. A 75% difference can be found in the top Griddle Only: Teal Americana: 490W vs Red Nostalgia: 850W. I expected the two heating elements to burn a lot of power. The bottom oven and top grill are similar. There was a big surprise here. When the four heating elements of the Red Nostalgia are on, I was seeing less power than when only the top two were on. Red Nostalgia has a difference of 18% compared to the Teal Americana. Coffee Maker, Bottom Oven, and Top Griddle: all on. The Red Nostalgia uses less power when everything is turned on. There is a The Coffee Maker and the Top Griddle are both on when the bottom oven is not being used. There is a I went with the Teal Americana because I am limited by my current inverter and batteries. There is a Trail Maker also sells the 40 liter, 22 inch Duffle bags for Women, Men, Travel Heavy Duty (Black) on Amazon. It was already used on a trip where we were staying in a hotel with no kitchen and no fridge. It was great to have breakfast in the room and be able to cook takeout. If you travel by car, camp or hotel you should get a 3-in-1.

9. ChefSteps Joule Sous Watts White

ChefSteps Joule Sous Watts White

Refer to the user manual for questions surrounding warranty policies and the product is free. The smallest, sleekest sous vide tool is just 11 inches tall and 1.1 pounds. It is small enough to fit into a top drawer. 1100 watt of power is enough to heat up fast. Frequency 50 to 60 hertz, single phase. The Joule app has a feature that shows exactly how food cooks. Dinner is perfect every time. It's possible to cook from anywhere with wi-fi or connect with the internet with just a phone. Only 120 V outlets can be used. The warranty on Joule can be voided due to the use of voltage transformers and converters outside of North America. ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide might be in the package. Breville owns Chefsteps and the product is the same.

Brand: Breville

👤If you've done any research into sous-vide devices, you know that ANOVA and ChefSteps are the ones to look out for. The Joule was the best in every way that mattered to me. It's smaller, it heats water quicker, and the minimalist style appealed to me. I didn't see why the Joule wasn't the best. The lack of physical controls will be a deal-breaker for some, according to every review I read. "Ha!" I didn't like it. "Who are these people?" The knobs and dial are old. I always have my phone on me, even though the Joule requires an app. No problem. As soon as I opened the Joule, I felt a sensation of sinking. "Say Hello To Your Littlefriend" was put in the box. I was told that my new kitchen friend was going to help make the "cutest lil cheesecake you ever did see" and the "epic edge-to-edge" steak. There is a Ha! That's right, Scarface! It's amazing! There is a I wouldn't normally mention the marketing douchebags, but the Joule's sophomoric tone doesn't stop at the box. Why? You have to download the "awesome app" to turn it on. You are a machine that keeps water at a certain temperature. We don't have to be friends. I don't like my blender. I don't speak with most of my kitchen appliances. There is a It's worse than having a piece of metal and plastic that is familiar to you strike a different tone. Joule will badger you to connect to the internet. Uh-oh! Joule can't use the internet. I don't understand why I would need to connect to the internet. Why do you want to use the internet? I paid for a machine that heats water. Let me heat the water for god. There is a I don't have a voice assistant, I don't want one, and I don't care if I can link it with this. There is a It takes 5 minutes to connect with the Bluetooth. The Joule app tells me that it didn't work when it does turn on. It's heating the water. The Joule app decided that it was working after I checked the temperature. Maybe not. I'm wondering why this damned device doesn't have a temperature dial. Why? Why?

👤I have two cooker's, one is a Joule cooker and the other is a A nova cooker. The reason for the 4 stars is that the apps for both cookers leave a lot to be desired. The two sous vide cooker have advantages and disadvantages. The Joule cooker has 1100 Watts compared to the Anova's 900 Watts. The Joule will heat the water quicker than the Anova. The Joule cooker has a magnetic bottom that will hold it up in a pot that is magnetic, and the Anova must be secured with the clamp attachment. Joule won. The Joule cooker only works on thin rimmed containers, and the Anova has a attachment for thick rimmed containers. Anova is the winner. There are no controls on the device, so the Joule cooker must be controlled with the app, and the Anova may be controlled manually. Anova is the winner. The Joule cooker requires 1.5 inches of water to operate, while the Anova requires 2.75 inches of water. Joule won. The Joule cooker can heat up to 10 gallons of water, while the Anova can heat up to 5.5 gallons. Joule won. The apps for both cookers don't have a lot of preset that would be used for everyday meals. The manual modes would be used most of the time. The Joule cooker needs to be set before the timer is set so that the cook temperature can be reached before the timer starts. The timer doesn't start until the cooking temperature is reached. It is a draw as the food shouldn't be put into the water until the cook temperature is reached, but the ice bath can be used to keep the temperature down for longer and the cook time won't start until the ice bath is used. In this case, the Anova is the winner. The Joule or Anova cooker is best for certain uses and availability to the apps. Both have advantages and disadvantages. The preset doesn't allow for many of the foods that I cook, so I use the manual mode. We only use pasture fed and pasture finished meats that take less time to cook. Both apps leave a lot to be desired, but both cookers are excellent if you use the manual modes. There is a new update on 717/18. I have been using this cooker for about 7 months, and tend to gravitate to the Joule more than the Anova. The Joule can be clipped onto a cooking container without the need for a screw on holder. I use the phone apps to check on progress in the main kitchen, and I also use my cooker in a second kitchen to cook. I can use the phone apps to flip back and forth. I usually have the meats timed so they are finished on the day the meal is planned for, as some cuts of meat can take as long as 72 hours to cook. So far I have cooked chicken, roast, ribs, tuna steaks, and a few others. I've never been disappointed with the results. It is easier to set the timer after the cooker has come to a temperature than to try to get food in at the moment the timer starts. The timer issue is not a problem for me. Rewarming foods is one of the best features of the sous vide cooker. How many times have you reheated the leftovers after cooking the roast? If the leftovers are frozen, this won't happen. The leftovers won't cook more than the temperature set, if you set it for doneness. There is a I have tried many methods to cook the perfect steak and fish, but have never found a way to cook tuna steaks like they are done with the sous-vide method. They come out a light pink inside and are very moist. One thing I love about sous-vide cooking is that it doesn't take long for your food to be ready if you leave it in the cooker. This is not true with any other cooking method. If you run late, you can leave food in the cooker to keep it warm until you are ready to eat. The Joule sous vide cooker is great for its speed and consistency of temperature control. The Joule cooker is my favorite sous vide cooker. The Joule is the cooker that I use for larger portions, like roast and ribs, since I can use a larger water container. The cooker is small, but it cooks up a large amount of water much faster than other cookers, and keeps the temperature accurate. If the app contains the meat you are cooking, it shows pictures of what the meat will look like at each different doneness, and describes them so you can choose what you would like best. The cooker will set the time and temperature for you if you find a preset that works for you. If you want to cook a meal before you go to work, you can add ice cubes to the water to keep it cool. The Joule app has preset recipes for meats, poultry, and seafood that do not do anything for me when I am planning the cooking of a meat.

10. Duxtop 8100MC Portable Induction Countertop

Duxtop 8100MC Portable Induction Countertop

The new precision edge technology enhances the sharpness of the wanbasion chef kitchen knife set. Wanbasion is a set of kitchen knives with a cover. The Duxtop Induction Cooktop uses a standard 120V 15 Amp electrical outlet, which is lightweight and compact for easy handling and storage. The control panel is digital. A built-in count-down digital timer with 1 minute increments up to 170 minutes, 10 temperature ranges from 140 F to 480 F, and 10 power levels from 200 to 1800 Watts. Food does not burn on the glass cooktop so it's easy to clean, and the burner has no open flame or heating element. The fan quickly reduces heat to ensure a longer product life. If no cookware is detected, the auto-pan detection will shut the unit down after 60 seconds. There is a note. You need cookware with a magnetic bottom that is at least 5 inches in diameter in order to use this and any other induction stove. Customer service and a 2-year manufacturer's warranty are included.

Brand: Duxtop

👤I would like to say that the burner performed well. The temp settings were not perfect, but they were workable. My daughter has a sensitivity to the frequencies that this burner uses to heat the cooking vessel, which is a flaw that we experienced at home. When I first turned on this, everything was going swimmingly until my daughter started to complain about a loud noise that was deafening. My wife and I didn't hear anything. Some people can be sensitive to the frequencies given off by this and other devices that operate the same way. I was forced to return the item, but it worked well.

👤For Christmas, I bought 3 of these for my children. I own a much more expensive model of my own. I did cook on Christmas Day. It was half the price of the one I bought, and I don't like it as much as my unit. It worked well. If you haven't cooked on it, you must use cookware with a bottom that will stick to. I bought my children a set of high end cookware. I made my mother's chocolate pudding recipe. It cooked much faster than a regular gas burner. I used to cook onions, celery, and other vegetables for dressing. I let it cook away while I made the rest of the meal. I made fresh green beans the same way. The temperature should be set and the cover should be put on. The cook tops are great. This is the one to get for the price. If you want to spend twice as much, you can get one which will go as low as 100 degrees. It isn't really necessary. The lack of a few features is the reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5. You don't need those features for most of your cooking. I cook all my food on my burner, instead of using my stove. You will love it!

👤Our house is located in a neighborhood that does not have natural gas. We bought a smooth top range when we moved into our house. I have cursed the thing every time I have used it. This thing is a bad joke if you are more than just boiling water. The "induction burner" is where you can enter. I just bought one of these off of Amazon and am in love. There are top flight chefs that believe that this is a better option for the home than gas. Bring water to a boil in less than half the time of electric and much faster than gas. It is ready for the next generation of energy grid where we have solar panels and a rack of batteries at our home. There is a I don't know if this thing is a bomb. This will suffice until I buy my top range. Get one if you don't have one. You will have to throw your non magnetic cookware. The cheap non stick skillets and pans have to go.

11. COSORI Air Fryer Max XL 100 Recipes Functions

COSORI Air Fryer Max XL 100 Recipes Functions

You can make delicious dishes from Appetizers to desserts with the included recipe book. For smooth blend for vegetables, add 1/2 cup water. Baking is stress-free. The Pro 5.8-Quart Air Fryer is a high-efficiency tool that brings healthier fried flavors to your countertop. The result was perfect. The air fryer uses an NTC sensor to send accurate information to it, which adjusts the temperatures to keep them under 5F. A one-knife cooking. Choose from 13 convenient cooking functions with a single touch, each finely tailored by the chefs to produce the tastiest results. You can choose the temperature and time for your recipes. Large capital: The air fryer's baskets can hold a whole 5-pound chicken. Corner spaces have more cooking capacity and flexibility than round designs. 3–5 people in one go. Every meal with 100 original, chef-created recipes that include size, cook time, and temperature, is included. Chefs can cook with confidence. EFFICIENT: HEALTHY. If you want to give your food the same crisp taste without the health drawbacks, cook it up to 50% faster than a traditional oven and reduce the oil content by up to 85%. Mess-free cooking is available. The baskets are dishwasher safe and have a non-stick coating. You can find more accessories for the air fryer.

Brand: Cosori

👤I don't like cooking. I don't like the mess. It takes too long. My cooking is not as good as it looks in the books. I got the Cosori Air Fryer a couple of weeks ago, and I've been happily cooking every day. It's ready to go when you pull the box out. The basket and pan are all that was needed to clean them. The buttons are easy to understand. You have a snowflake for frozen foods, fries for fries, bacon for bacon, and also preheat and keep warm. I wasn't sure what to expect when I turned it on. I wondered if it was going to get hot. I thought it would be loud. It wasn't those things. It does get a little warm on the outside, but not hot like an oven. You need to be careful when you pull the basket out of the fryer because it's deceiving that it works so quickly and gets food that hot that fast. I wouldn't call the air moving noisy. When the air fryer is running, the air fryer hears me and my voice is heard by the Alexa. The air fryer doesn't get too hot or spit at you if I didn't have theAlexa there. There is a The air fryer is on my counter. It's become a conversation piece in my kitchen. I had family over the weekend, and they wanted to know what it was. I put on a kitchen demo, and everyone stood around and watched, then ate all of the food, and then they said they needed an air fryer. There is a I've tried the included recipe book and a recipe for chicken fried steak in an air fryer cookbook, but they were not the same. The cookbook included in the Cosori air fryer has a picture of the recipe with it, and the ingredients are not intimidating to those of you like me who don't care for cooking. I like that most recipes call for ingredients I've heard of and probably have in my pantry, which is a good thing for me because I hate going to the grocery store for random ingredients. There is a The first recipe I tried was sweet potato fries. I probably could have left them in the air fryer a bit longer than the recipe called for, but they were still delicious. The best sweet potato fries I've ever had. I bought some frozen okra in the freezer section and threw it in for fun. I put the olive oil in the water bottle and just pushed the button on the air fryer basket to cook the okra. The okra came out very nicely. It had gone from frozen to crisp in a matter of minutes. I could tell the ones I had missed when I sprayed the okra with olive oil. The white ones tasted fine but were weird. I bought a pressurized oil sprayer can that is specifically for spraying olive oil, and it works better than my plastic water bottle. My third recipe is chicken fried steak. This recipe was not in the Cosori cookbook. I wasn't sure how it would turn out because the cookbook didn't have a picture. I've cooked it twice in three nights. The entire meal was cooked in the air fryer, including sweet potato fries, okra, and chicken fried steak. It felt like an elaborate meal with little time invested, and my kitchen was not a disaster after cooking all of that. I only had a few plates and a couple of bowls that I'd used instead of pots and pans and baking dishes that were piled up on my counter with a greasy stove to clean. There is a I tried the cheese sticks the next day. Baking soda was used instead of cornstarch. Did I mention that I am terrible at cooking? The mozzarella sticks worked out well. It was probably my fault. They crisped up quickly. They were not like the picture in the recipe book. The cheese would have been better melted on the inside. The inside was not really melted and it seemed like the outside was really bad. Even though I used the wrong ingredient, they weren't bad, so I'll give it another try. They were still good despite not tasting like mozzarella cheese sticks. I used the included cookbook to cook the grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids. These did not turn out as expected. I used the right ingredients. The cheese wasn't as squishy as it would be if it was cooked on the stove. The recipe called for double the amount of cheese would be perfect if I had done that. The bread was not brown. It was difficult to melt butter on the stove, brush it onto the bread, and grate cheese before putting it into the air fryer. It was fun to try a grilled cheese sandwich, but I can get one in a pan quicker. I will try the recipe again with more cheese. I think I can make it better. I tried the pizza from the recipe book. I did not use pizza dough. I like to eat pita bread. I followed the instructions as if it was pizza dough, which means preheat the air fryer, brush your crust with olive oil, and then put it in the air fryer at 320 for five minutes. Then you add more. I put pizza sauce on my pizza. It's done if you put it back into the air fryer for another five minutes at 320. It was great. I'll make another for lunch. I had to cook one at a time because I couldn't fit the two pieces of bread in the basket together. There is a The cookbook that comes with the air fryer has a recipe for coconut shrimp. The kitchen would normally be filled with a lot of mess, but there was only three bowls to dredge the coconut shrimp and then a plate to put them on. When you preheat the air fryer, you pop the shrimp in for eight minutes. I'll add more coconut in my dredge next time because they were very tasty. I couldn't really taste the coconut in the recipe. I've never tried a new recipe in a cookbook, but I keep picking out new ones. I've included pictures of the fried steak, pizza, grilled cheese, and coconut shrimp that I've made so far. You have to get used to cooking in batches. I wanted to make four chicken fried steaks, but there was only room for two. It's not a big deal. You can cook in batches. I had to make three different pizzas since I couldn't fit all of them in at once. Two grilled cheese sandwiches fit into the air fryer at the same time. The cookbook that comes with the air fryer is full of pictures. There are more than 100 pages of recipes. For example, you can find recipes for stuffed french toast, BBQ bacon, ribeye, meatballs, fried chicken, crab cakes, wings, pigs in a blanket, french fries, onion rings, roasted corn, cheddar biscuits, cinnamon rolls, pound cake, and orange. Without the cookbook, I would be lost. It tells you which button to press on the air fryer, so you can learn how to use it while you're actually cooking, instead of having to read an instruction manual cover to cover. There is a After using the air fryer, I didn't have many dishes to clean. The air fryer is easy to clean. Everything just falls off of it. I'm barely cleaning it. I wash it in the sink because there's nothing left on it, even though the description says it's dishwasher safe. I like how I can put soap on it to make it clean and ready for my next recipe. The water beads on it, so it dries quickly. There is a The air fryer has only one negative, my impatience with one of the controls. The temp/time can be shared with one button. If you have a recipe that requires you to adjust the temp or time, you have toggling the button. If you need to change how long to keep something in, you hit the temp/time button again. I keep hitting time when I mean temp and not temp. There is a When you pull the basket out, the air fryer cuts off because there's nothing in the bottom. When you put the basket back in, it will be the same temp and time settings as when you put it out. It would be great if it remembered your setting. When I had to make pizzas in batches, I had to run the air fryer for 5 minutes for one crust, then 5 minutes for the next, and so on. When I pulled a crust out, I had to reset the time and temp. I began to notice how bad I was atggling the temp/time button. The time/temp button being shared and the air fryer not remembering your last time/temp are minor drawbacks. The air fryer is my favorite kitchen appliance and they're the only negatives. I don't have any experience with an air fryer, so I have nothing to compare the Cosori air fryer to. I did my research. I read the reviews, watched the videos and crossed my fingers that I was buying the right one. I couldn't have picked a better one. I'm excited to cook for the first time. French toast sticks will be on the breakfast menu tomorrow.


What is the best product for cooking appliances ebt?

Cooking appliances ebt products from Greater Goods. In this article about cooking appliances ebt you can see why people choose the product. Nostalgia and Viliwin are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking appliances ebt.

What are the best brands for cooking appliances ebt?

Greater Goods, Nostalgia and Viliwin are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking appliances ebt. Find the detail in this article. Amazon Basics, Ninja and Nutribullet are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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