Best Cooking Accessories for Wood Burning Stove

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1. PMNY Portable Chimney Multipurpose Camping

PMNY Portable Chimney Multipurpose Camping

The galvanized steel fire box has a high-temp finish. It's easy to carry with a 22 lbs stove and it's portable. The tent stove is small for transport and storage. The chimney can be packed into the stove, making it easier to use. The stove is air-tight, which allows you to regulate the rate of burn. If you want to get a nice burn at night, you can stoke the stove full of wood and shut the damper down, instead of roasting for hours and then freezing until morning. The built Tough Square Stove is designed to be easy to use, yet strong enough. A cold rolled steel plate is strong and can be used outdoors. A high temperature coating is resistant to scratching. The high temperature resistant will not change. Cook top and drying rack. The top of your stove is designed so you have room for a pot or skillet, so you can cook a meal in the open air as easily as you can at home. It can be used for drying gloves, socks, and small items on the flat heating surface on the side rack. Wide application. The tent wood stove is designed for the outdoors and can be used for cooking, heating, hunting, fishing, and more. Incorporating a flue pipe makes the firebox ideal for being installed in fire retardant shelters such as Tipis, Bell Tents, Yurts and even sheds!

Brand: Pmny

👤The winter is coming after I bought a home. The chimney has a liner and is already clean. I took a gamble by retro fitting it with reductions to fit the 2.3 inch flue it comes with, because I couldn't afford a nicer wood burning insert or stove. When I picked it up. It felt like it was made of cast iron. Its material. It does give off some funky oily smells, but it is a great construction, feels very sturdy, and did an initial burn. After the burn, its working great. The ashtray that comes with the firebox has a welded tray that allows ashes to drop below. It has an ash tray, so you can use other types of fuel, like wood pellets or coal, after you get it going. If you want to extend your burn time, you can use some nice hot coals from your wood, and use some anthracite coal in there. It has a double burn design, even if you close the front primary damper, the box has holes on both sides that suck air into the fire chamber towards the top to re-burn gasses. - Yes - No If you only use wood, you will probably have to tend to it often, but if you stack your firewood with a little tray, it would be better. When using indoors or in a tent, place a pot over the pan on top of it to prevent smoke from coming out. The wood can only be stacked the long way due to the smaller size inside, so you can really control the re-burn feature. There is a The stove has double burn, so you get a more efficient burn, and it is simple and effective, but I will update soon with more info on that. I used old lath wood from a room remodel to start the burn. The temp stayed around 4500, which is perfect, because the stove hit almost 700* ofc and just closed the damper. This is my first time using a fireplace and I am learning how to properly do everything.

👤I live in the mountains and during a good winter you can usually count on a lot of snow and extremely cold weather. In the late summer and autumns, firewood is collected to be used in the winder. We are the unique type of people who like to camp in tents during these types of weather conditions and the need for a stove like this may become quite clear. We don't have a good source of heat and space heaters just don't do the trick, so I close the "She-Shed" during the winter months. I plan to enjoy my time in the winter with this stove. I was surprised when I received it. The product dimensions are correct, but it still astounded me how small it was, which is perfect for what we need. I pictured the stove I was buying larger because I realized I was buying a small one. It is small and can be carried like a suite case. I can think of other uses for it now that I've received it. Our power goes out during the winter. This can be used as a heat source, but can also be used for cooking since it comes complete with a cook top that can hold trays of food. The same rack can be used to dry small items when using the stove for tent camping. The stove comes complete with 5 chimney pipes, elbow pipe, fire poker, plate, 2 handles, 2 side racks, ash pan, 4 legs, and pipe base. The installation was easy and I was able to fix the issues. When you disassemble it, be careful to allow it to cool down. I would still use a glove. The stove makes a lot of heat. Don't let it fool you. If you aren't on top of it, it can make the room sweaty and stuffy. It does not hold a ton of wood, so you need to cut your logs smaller for a typical wood burning fireplace. You need an ax/chainsaw to cut the wood pieces down to size. The stove is very sturdy and I have only used it once to test it out, but I don't see any signs of bending or thinning. I'm very happy with this stove and I'm finding many more uses for it.

2. Cast Iron Heat Diffuser Plate

Cast Iron Heat Diffuser Plate

Not for use on ceramic and electric glass cooktops. Only use when cooking by power settings. No More Pans and food that is too hot to handle. 2 Cast Iron Heat Diffuser Plates are included with the package. Eliminates hot spots in pans and makes cooking easier. For gas and electric stove tops. 100% satisfaction guarantee. They will give you a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with their plates.

Brand: Aunt Shannon's Kitchen

👤I liked the product so much that I was able to keep the pot on low flame with the diffuser and not worry about stirring it. The black coating at the bottom is no longer there. I was wondering why I had to clean my stove top. I think they could have had a great product if it had been covered with better quality coating.

👤I have a propane gas stove that doesn't have a low enough setting for many dishes. These disks are the solution. I made a huge stockpot of rich bone soup and had it sitting on a large disc for eight hours. It worked out perfectly. The large disc for the pot to sit on has ridges on it, and the side with the face up in contact with the pot has the ridges on it. When placing your pot on a disc, be careful as the Enamel side is slippery. The cast iron side is in contact with gas. Use it that way. You won't have funny smells or chips in your teeth as mentioned in some reviews.

👤The diffusers were great. We purchased a summer home last year and the stove top's dial goes to low, but not low enough to cook. Everything cooks too fast and burns. I have been trying to find a solution to the problem. When I was looking through my cookbook, they recommended a Diffuser when making sauces and gravies so they don't burn, but I didn't know they existed. The pots are above the grate on the stove and we no longer have a problem. Those of you who have burnt handles on espresso pots will benefit from these. They are doing a great job.

👤I love the new gas stove we got. The only problem is that the heat was too hot and I was burning a lot of the foods I had never burned before. I suppose I could have called a repairman to adjust the flame, but I remember my grandmother having a pad of some sort to diffuse the flame on her stove. On the recommendation from another person, I looked up some plates on Amazon. I got these because of the fact that there were two different sizes in the package and they both came with handles, which is a must when trying to remove a hot plate from the stove. My husband used to burn his baked beans, but now they are perfect. I'm happy with the plates and glad I bought them so I could solve my problem without having to call a serviceman.

👤It's cast iron and can't be put in the dishwasher or immersed in water, so it needs to be cleaned carefully. I had to replace my first one because of that mistake. The cast iron does a great job of disbursing the flame so I don't cook too fast.

👤They are a heavy cast-iron with the top having an enamel coating and a ring on the bottom that provides some isolation from other metal surfaces below. I used the small one on outdoor gas stove in combination with a larger one by a different manufacturer, the heat is too high for small pots, this unit was able to keep the temperature down so that my smallest pot on the lowest setting did not come to. It should provide good isolation. An update within 3 days. I used both plates at a higher heat and they worked great for diffuse heat. They seemed to emit a hot plastic smell. I'm going to let them cook for a little while before I use them, to see if I can burn off the smell.

3. VODA 4 Blade Fireplace Increases Friendly

VODA 4 Blade Fireplace Increases Friendly

No batteries or electricity are required. Warm air circulates throughout the room. Less consumption and more efficiency. The design is innovative and durable.

Brand: Voda

👤It was well secured and worked well for 75 days. A friend told me to be very careful when I first got it because I dropped it and it stopped working. My spot has been the same for 75 days. We don't have pets or kids to move it. It stopped working at night. There is a 50 cents per day is how much it costs at 80 days. Not what I was expecting. I was expecting this to last for a long time. I would like to see more NEGATIVE stars. I will give it a negative rating.

👤This is a second fan for my Osburn 2400 stove which has an automatic fan. The stove is still hot even after the fan comes on and the fire goes out. I can start getting heat in the room as soon as the stove warms up, and it's almost completely cooled down, with this fan. It doesn't take long for it to start, or for it to get hot enough that you can't even see the blades. It doesn't make any noise. I'm happy that I ordered it.

👤Do not buy trash. Does not blow any air. The fan is bent and watching my video is so bad. I was very excited to have a fan. I thought it would be special. It turned out to be a total waste.

👤The tool moves hot air from the stove to the rest of the room. The entire one room downstairs is comfortable in the winter because of the steady wood burning. We had trouble getting the whole space warm prior to installing the fan. It takes time to get this result, but we need to keep our fire going. Installation took 10 seconds.

👤I've been using this fan for over a year and a half. Even if the electricity is not available, the warmth of our wood stove is still spread throughout the house. It's much nicer than an electric one that you have to shut off when you're not around. We don't have to worry about leaving it on when we leave because it works just like it did when we got it about a year ago. It arrived in less than a week after I ordered it.

👤My wood stove has an add on fan that helps with the noise problem. There is no noise at all and the air circulates around the small blade in a surprising way. My wife likes the no noise part of the operation. The cost of replacing the noisy fan is 7/7th.

👤The fan converts heat into electrical energy. I looked up how that works but I don't remember much about it. I don't know if this unit has a motor or not. When the unit warms up the energy is created to power the motor and fan. It doesn't take much heat to get that fan going. Don't expect a blast of air from it. The air movement in front of the fan is small, but it is moving the air, which is what I wanted. It's well constructed, but be careful with the fan blades. It is easy to bend them accidentally because they are made as thin and light as possible.

4. Old Dutch Hakone Humidifier 3 Liter

Old Dutch Hakone Humidifier 3 Liter

Not for sale or use in Washington. Their tetsubin teapots can keep tea at the proper serving temperature for up to an hour. The porcelain interior allows for easy cleaning and keeps the taste of the tea pure. This kettle is large enough to be used as a humidifier for your wood stove. Not included is the warranty. Warm water and dry the skin.

Brand: Old Dutch

👤The description states that it can be used on a wood stove, but the directions state not to boil water in it. It will boil on the stove.

👤The star ratings are vague, but one could definitely say that this kettle is easy to clean, giftable, and warm. It's easy to clean if you leave the trace remnants of tea in your teapot. It's cast iron. There is a Certainly, in regards to giftability. If you want to gift someone a teapot that they can pass down to the next generation, buy it. The idea behind a gift is more about the item itself than it is about the gifter or the giftee. I don't need a review or anything else to tell me how a gift was received, I could give someone a pack of gum. I've never heard of a teapot that could brew hot tea without adding heat. So. It's warm. There is a My take on this teapot is simple. I was agreeable to pay the price that I received, and I purchased and received what I was looking for. One might have to try and break it. Why? I won't be smashing teapots with my smith's hammer anytime soon. I bought it to keep on our wood stove throughout the winter months to serve as a humidifier and to always have hot water available to brew tea, coffee, oats, or whatever I need. There are 5 of us in our immediate family. A small teapot wouldn't do. If you don't drink tea a lot, you won't be topping the water a lot. I wouldn't try to heat anything larger on a wood stove. There is a Traditional teapot designs that have been heirlooms in Japanese families for many years are modeled after the Hakone style. Old Dutch is a manufacturer of cast iron products. The type and manufacture met my personal quality standards and resulted in my purchase. I am very pleased with it and I was not disappointed. I think I will get a lifetime of use from this item.

👤This is used for humidification in winter. Don't use tea for this purpose if you make it in it. If you want to make tea with it, use it as a proper tea pot and pour boiling water into it. If you use it for humidification, the coating on the inside may fall off. The instructions say you can prevent rusting by putting used tea leaves in it. After it's cooled, discard tea leaves and water, rinse, and it's ready for more use.

👤The tea pot is beautiful. We like tea in this house. It has been a workhorse all winter on top of my wood stove. There is a I never gave it a good enough rating because I thought it didn't come with astainless steel infuser. There is a I am happy that I didn't send it back because it is so high quality. There is a The kettle was supposed to have a diffuser. When I ordered it, I read it wrong. There is a It is a large special run size, not like the tea pots that only brew two cups and don't allow you to enjoy tea all morning, because they only brew two cups and don't allow you to enjoy tea all morning. I strain it as I keep it at a slow boil. There is a If you like tea and want a sturdy way to brew it up, this is the job for you. I've used it on both wood and propane. Every time, it's perfect tea. No issues at all.

5. INNO STAGE Firewood Fireplace Accessories

INNO STAGE Firewood Fireplace Accessories

16oz Waxed Canvas is water resistant. The dimensions are 23.4" L X 10" D X 11.4" H with handles and easy to carry by two people. The largest log holder is over 2 feet in diameter. The tote bag has a design to carry smaller pieces. The upper no-end walls open design is great for carrying a lot of wood. Heavy duty material -16oz Waxed canvas material is scratch resistant, stain and wear resistant, and Reinforced handles were made from nice PU, more durable and load bearing. As a fire wood carrier, to keep wood chips inside and not scattered on the floor, for firepite, grilling and pretty much everything about outdoors, as a normal storage tote bag, to gathering Christmas tree, festival items, garden tools, picnic or camping accessories, packing kid toys, and It's easy to store when not in use. Help lighten the burden of carrying gifts for relatives and friends.

Brand: Inno Stage

👤The quality of workmanship and material used in the making of this log carrier impressed me. The material is very flexible and the carrier won't stand up to easy filling. I made an aluminum frame that fit inside the carrier to give it support. The frame is made from two different types of stock: thick aluminum bar stock and thin aluminum angle stock. The frame is held together. The carrier is easy to fill. The frame could be an option for the manufacturer.

👤After only a few uses, one of the handles began to break down. If the handle starts falling apart immediately, what is the point of buying this over something cheaper? The nicer handles vs the fake leather handles are garbage and will only look good for a couple of weeks. The reason I gave two stars instead of one is that the description says the handles are not leather, and that it was easy to return the product with no questions from the seller. If you want a sturdy, well-made product, you should look elsewhere for a wood carrier like $50 - $60.

👤I like this product. I'm in the finishing trades. Paint, spackle andcarpentey. Trying to find ways to be portable. These bags are large and strong. I filled the bag with spackle blades, drills, batteries, razor blades, and spackle hawk hand tools. You can easily see what's in your pile if the mouth of the bag opens. I'm going to buy more than one category after I bought two of these. I encourage any worker who is buying cheap plastic stuff from a big box store to try these oversized Garden bags. I don't usually leave reviews. I got the day off. I want to spread love.

👤These are the carriers/bags that I like the most. Will make a copy of this review for all styles bought. I've used smaller log carriers for years for everything from bringing in multiple smaller grocery bags, laundry, off-season storage, beach, carting camping stuff in one bag (ideal for two people carry), yard work, etc. These are sturdy, large and will last a long time. I haven't used my fireplace in years and I have no connection with this company. The value is outstanding. I have hand issues and use a small luggage cart if it's too heavy for me and I have handles on my forearm. Oiled ones are better for yard work. They make a great glove. If you have a kids or pets, you should be aware that it becomes their favorite playtime transportation carried by their servants. I invested in a number of different types from this company in a matter of weeks and I am very pleased. Stores that sell products like "The C* S**' or P* B** could easily charge 3-4 times and get away with it since oiled canvas is at a premium. You can order a few as inexpensive as loved gifts and will buy more. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, oiled canvas is a great option, even though it is slightly more expensive than non. The brand's bags are large and have a wide range of handles and sides, sides high depending on the style, and look rugged and elegant. Those with canvas are also awesome. The key is sewn into each bag. All of my sides are still high enough. There is a It's very neat, but a bit heavier because of the stand-up box-style sides. A clever reviewer added a liner. The attachable strap's clasps don't hold up for heavy loads, as noted in other reviews. I didn't think it deserved a reduced rating for that alone. I had a shoe repair place cut them off and sew the ends into reenforced loops for carabiners, which cost me a few bucks. It has handles and most of us have other replacements around. I can't imagine using a strap with logs. I put a shoulder padding thingie on. It's still a steal because the loop sewn on that bag is solid. They fold flat when not in use. There is a I put a logo on the side of my car's canvas carrier. The handles are not cheap looking. Will post a picture later. It's a word. There are lots of uses and quality. Think of them as large tote bags.

6. Guide Gear Outdoor Wood Stove

Guide Gear Outdoor Wood Stove

Overheating Protection. The Bi-metallic strip at the base of the stove fan is designed to raise the edge of the fan as the maximum operating temperature is approached to protect the motor and the thermoelectric module. Fireplace fan for wood stove. The camp stove was designed for use outside. It's perfect for use in your backyard or camping trips. The wood burning stove does it all. The Guide Gear outdoor stove has a galvanized steel fire box that is heat resistant. The front door is made from cast iron. The portable wood stove can be used to heat wood. It provides warmth in outdoor spaces. The top platform of the camping burner can be used to cook bacon and eggs. The portable camping stove has been designed for easy movement and has five interlocking stove pipes. The stove is easy to transport.

Brand: Guide Gear

👤I wanted to work in my uninsulated shop on days when the temperature was cooler, so I bought this stove in hopes that it would take the chill out of the air. The ridgeline is over 15' tall, and I used to store my camper in the back of the building. It was a good thing that I didn't get any miracles. It did what I expected it to do. The first night I used it, it was 30 degrees and the temperature in my shop was 63. I put the box fan in the room, turned it on, and put it in the attic to circulate the warm air above my work area. The ambient temp went up to 72 degrees after about 7 minutes. It was perfect for me. It's a nice stove. It smokes a little out of the cracks in the door, but after the fire is rolling, everything finds its way up the pipes and is drawn outside. There is a I had to add a couple of 90's galvanized pipe to the installation in order to go out and up, so I went to the brick and mortar store to get some of the double wall galvanized pipe. I'll just replace it when it burns out. Everything was installed in less than an hour. I bought a cast iron damper when I saw the stove on Amazon. It helps keep the heat in the stove a little longer so it can heat the fire box. It's a heavy stove. I can use the dead limbs from the storm to fuel it. I'll stack em up for later in the day on cooler days. I placed a large wedge on top of the stove to collect the heat from the small railroad track I had. I'm sure it helped, but I don't know how much. The little stove does the job I intended it to do. There is a The stove is perfect for my application and I don't regret pulling the Trigger on it. I couldn't be happier. Hope this helps. * If you look at my photos, you'll see the double walled pipe I used. There is a sooty spot on the wall by where the pipe is running up. I used the stove there a few days before buying the pipe. I bought a pipe that doesn't leak smoke into the room. The spot was pre-existing.

👤I got a stove for my hunting trip. I had tested the stove a few times before my trip, but I didn't like it until last night. Around midnight last night. After setting one log on the coals, I closed the intake and flu part way to slow the burn. I woke up with a cough. The tent was filled with smoke. I woke up 2 other guys with the commotion when I opened the flaps on the tent. One of them said that it doesn't smell like normal smoke. We went back in to get the stove out and realized the smoke was coming from the coating on the stove top. Mind you. I have had some in the stove before. None of them did this when they burned 3-20 logs to ash. I'm in a hospital in Utah because of the smoke. If you are going to make a stove, make sure the coating you use can handle wood stove temperatures.

7. Überleben Collapsible Stainless Emergency Backpacking

%C3%9Cberleben Collapsible Stainless Emergency Backpacking

The weight is 12 lbs. The berleben Stker Flatpack Stove is a sturdy and durable bio burner. You need more than a fire to save you if you can't find fuel. The berleben Stker comes in two different metal options, HD 304 Grade Stainless Steel and Titanium. Both are strong and food-grade. You will go wrong no matter what. The Stker's simple 5-panel design packs down quickly to less than 6 x 6” and under 0.25” thick. It's easy to pack and ready for any adventure. The berleben Stker is powered by organic matter from twigs, sticks, moss, wood, charcoal, and more. Don't have to worry about getting enough to keep moving. Every berleben Stker Flatpack Stove comes with a natural waxed canvas stow sleeve. This sleeve can be used as storage for your stove and also as a bag. The perfect accessory for an adventure.

Brand: überleben

👤Excellent construction, very sturdy, fits together tightly, easily holds a dutch oven, big skillet, or canteen cup, folds flat, good strong canvas bag to store it away. This is my favorite stove. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to put it together after removing the protective covering. I used it for 3 days to burn everything from pine cones to twigs and leaves. This will be with me on every trip. I could feel the heat coming up from the stove as it cooked my soup. It's a great way to have a small fire for a few people. I will have this in my kit when I am not backpacking or camping. I will buy a second one to leave in my car. There is a It was a little tight the first few times I took it apart. Not a problem. The rest of the stove came apart after I used a piece of wood to pop the cross X pieces loose. I feel great after the purchase. I'm happy to have found a stove that I can use for backpacking, camping, survival, earthquake kit, and any other time I might want to have a fire outside. There is a I will be shooting a video of this stove in action this weekend.

👤This thing is strong. The flatness can be tucked anywhere. I'd rather have something heavy and powerful than something light and flimsy. I had 2 littlbug jr.'s which were very light, but strange to pack, as they break down into half cylinders. I think the littlebugs were taken out of my luggage by the TSA and I flew with them. We cook with cast iron and this stove is ready to handle that. If cared for, could last forever. Littlebug was sometimes difficult to feed. There is a bottom part to keep the fire from spreading. I can't recommend this product enough.

👤I had to use my stove yesterday. It works well and provides a camp cooking alternative. The little stove is amazing. It's easy to set up and keep going. A piece of equipment. In my purse!

👤This stove has not one overly sharp edge. It feels heavy at 14oz but is strong. I stood on it after it was assembled. Excellent quality. It burns very well. I have noticed no warping of components after using several times. The stove holds up well.

👤I love this stove. It is the perfect size to cook in. The air flow holds the perfect amount of fuel. If you prepare it, it will go along way. It is easy to assemble, disassemble and clean. I have used this in places where you can't have a regular campfire and after eating and drinking a hot cup of tea you have to go to bed. I would buy this product again and again. I wish it came in a titanium version to lower the weight. The weight is not bad compared to a stove and fuel canister because you have less to pack. It is small enough to fit into your cargo pant pocket.

8. OAKVUE Foldable Camping Stove Backpacking

OAKVUE Foldable Camping Stove Backpacking

The lattice top has rubber feet. The amazing camping accessory. The foldable camping stove is a must-have for outdoor activities. It is easy to assemble, and you can enjoy a warm meal in nature if you burn it. They are committed to offering you top-quality products. That is the reason why they made this stove. The material is resistant to fire and bad weather, so you can enjoy it whenever you want. The design is portable. The stove is 500g and can be folded, making it a space-saver in your backpack. The portable design of the backpacking stove makes it a very useful tool. It is easy to exaggerate. The portable fire stove is made of 4 walls and 3 are already assembled. The last side needs to be combined with the other 3 and fastened with an iron rod. You can make your favorite meals with a functioning camping stove. There are bonuses: They provide you with a portable fire stove, some camping accessories, and a bonus. You can get a telescopic fire tube igniter with the camping stove. The camping accessories are practical and lightweight.

Brand: Oakvue

👤I think it will work. Will update my review when it's done. It has unfinished edges so be careful. Only when assembling do you use gloves. It cut 3 of my fingers and one was very deep.

👤I have only fired this up once and I have noticed. It's easy to light and get hot. The whole thing will be hot, even if the double walls fool you. It's important to use a fire proof surface as it will drop hot embers below the stove. My three nitpicks are the same. 1. It looks a bit thrown together, but it doesn't affect the function or the spacing of the holes. It doesn't keep it from getting hot, so it's not an issue for me. 2. If there was a pot of boiling water on it, the prongs that support the pot need to be forced into the open position. They fell the rest of the way open because of #3. This could be a potential safety issue for someone. 3. Even with no metal on my pot, it was difficult to put away without a bit of force, and caused some scratches and marks on the fire bowl, which could be a problem in the future. There is a If they worked on a few construction issues, it would be great.

👤Nice. The construction has vertical continuous laser welds that are very clean. The cutouts are punched and there is no sharp substance on the backside to catch things. It is thick and sturdy. I put a kitchen pot on it. There is a The braces for the pot extensions are made of.06" metal and 2 spot welds. The foldout pieces are bent. There is a There are enough welds to do the job and the spot welds are good. There is a There are no cut fingers on the top piece. There is a The bellows telescopes to 19.2 feet. I'll have to fine the flints. The flint is.080" dia and.190" long. The threads on the aluminum pieces are fine and can be mis-threaded easily.

👤I peeled off the protective coating and it went together quickly. I used a GreenSpark fire starter and some tinder to cook my ham and potatoes at the campsite. I used it for the whole weekend and it worked well. It was easy to add more wood pieces to the fire. The oakvue model is superior to the ones that have tabs that cross together. I took a plane ride to CA for 4 more days of cooking. Sturdy and quality.

👤I like how small this stove is. It is good for boiling water and making a cup of coffee. The top plates that serve as a surface to cook on can be a bit flimsy if they are not placed in the exact position. It won't be enough to cook a meal quickly enough with the coles it creates. It is good for a small to keep you warm. It is fun to start a regular campsite fire to keep warm. The lightest thing I got out of the purchase was the lighter.

9. REDCAMP Stainless Portable Backpacking Survival

REDCAMP Stainless Portable Backpacking Survival

Help lighten the burden of carrying gifts for relatives and friends. Don't wash with water immediately after use. Make sure the stove is clean after cooling down. When they finish the product, they will remove the protective film. Before use, please remove the residual protective film. The portable camping stove is made of high quality 430 steel and will burn bright even if heavy weight or high heat comes its way. The 304 grid backing plate has a stable cooking platform and is a reliable support for kitchen utensils. There are noxious fuels. You can get twigs and leaves in the nature and enjoy a wilderness adventure with the stove. Folding and lightweight, Unfold size: 8.3* 5.9*5in, fold size: 8.3* 5.9* 1.5in. The net weight was 1.9 lbs. The camping stove comes with a carry bag that you can use to carry it with you wherever you go. REDCAMP has a 100% money back guarantee. They will reply to you within 24 hours if you contact them immediately.

Brand: Redcamp

👤I would give 6 stars if I could. I'm thinking about getting a few more for friends and family because one of my best investments on Amazon.

👤The blue plastic coating on the stove is a bit problematic, and many people are finding it in the reviews. I thought I would write to inform those thinking about purchasing the stove and worried about the coating that was delivered to them without any plastic coating. I don't know if the manufacturer heard the cries of frustrated buyers or if my stove just happened to be missing it. I only had to open the box and bag to set the stove up. I haven't used my stove yet, but I'm excited to try it out, it looks great and I like the design.

👤The stove is ok for the price. It cooks well, but not very stable. If you try to move it, be careful because it will fall apart. It's possible to cook for one person and two. The grill plate and ash pan will fall out of your hand. The grill plate is changeable. Parts don't lock into place, that's my biggest complaint. Not sure if it should be kept or returned and look for something else. There is a I have used it several times and decided to keep it, I have been cooking a couple sausages over charcoal, just fits. The grill plate and grill pan are kept in place with a couple of binder clips. I keep them in the pan. I made a metal plate out of a can to use as a twig stove so the coals don't fall out. There is a I think the Large stove is what I will buy next. There is a There is an update. There is a large cove. It won't let me write a review for a large stove, but I bought it and received it. Like it very much so far. It is easier to assemble and more stable than the small stove. I've used it 3 times. Once to cook with charcoal. To cook with wood. Once as for pit. There was little rust on the inside. It's not a backpack stove, but great for a small grill.

👤This design is the best one I've seen over the years. I was a little worried about the holes being taken out to raise and lower the coals, but that turned out to be a non-issue. I use a lot of charcoal because real fire isn't always an option in my area. These things are designed for Kingsford. You're golden if you have a single layer on the coal rack. The small will fit a good size chicken thigh, a Burger patty, 2 sausages, a small steak or pork chop, and a salmon filet. The Large can fit up to 4 salmon fillets, 2 burger patties, 4 sausages, a noticeably larger steak, or multiple pork chops. They are not light weight. I'm right, any hiker will tell you. They are built good and solid so they will last a long time. I'm considering ordering a second set. In case I'm wrong.

10. Fireplace Firewood Tweezers Campfire Accessories

Fireplace Firewood Tweezers Campfire Accessories

The tongs are 26 inches long. Well-constructed and attractive. The finish of fireplace tongs is Rust resistant and useful for fireplaces, wood burning stove, outdoor fire pit, bonfire, campfire, and a boiler. Firewood tongs need two hands to work. Strong and sturdy. The firewood tongs are made from steel and have a clean surface. The fireplace tongs keep you safe from the fire heat. You can grab and maneuver hot burning logs. When using a fire place or fire pit, you don't have to feel the heat. It's perfect for managing both indoor and outdoor fires. With impressived control in your fire pit or fireplace, the exclusiveScissor design firewood grabber tongs allows the log grabbers to move up to thick logs, fire wood or coals easily and safely. The design of the firewood clamps makes it easy to hold small to medium logs. The fireplace firewood log tongs fold up are light enough to hold firewood. Storage when not used. Customer care. They are dedicated to providing you with premium products and customer care. Don't wait any longer and enjoy your products today!

Brand: Amagabeli Garden & Home

👤I ordered this product 3 months ago and it has worked well, however I am still getting emails telling me that someone's job depends on a good review. I have reported to Amazon many times and still get emails.

👤The things looked good and performed well. After turning a larger log. The grip opened to double the size and became useless for smaller wood. Next time, I'll get wrought iron.

👤I waited to write a review so I could see how they held up, after I bought these just over a year ago. The joints are at the same tightness now as they were when new. Even though they are painted, the paint does not show any wear, even though I lay them on concrete and masonry surfaces. There is a I use them at least once a week. I store them under a porch roof, but sometimes leave them out in the rain. There is no rust or wear. I'll buy these again if I need a second pair.

👤It was the perfect size for what we needed. Something to take in our trailer. The storage compartment was almost full but small enough to hold the logs and move them around without burning them.

👤This is sturdy and a good value for the price. When grabbing a full log, I usually need to use two hands. Can't open this thing wide enough with one hand to grab a full log and move it. Invest in a good welding glove if you skip this. That's what I use most when I want to grab a lit log with one hand and move it.

👤I haven't had any problems yet, even though a lot of people have complained. I don't use it a lot because I prefer moving logs with the poker tool, but sometimes there's just that one log that won't roll the way you want it to, no matter how much you push or pull it with the poker. Every time one of those logs come in, this tool has saved the day. It's so affordable.

👤There are hundreds of these on Amazon and they are all priced the same and have similar reviews. I wanted to get one of these for campfires and decided to roll the dice on this one because it had a decent rating and lots of reviews. It serves its purpose for ten dollars. The grabber is very easy to use and you can operate it with one hand. The metal isn't as firm as I would like it to be, but that doesn't limit it for most uses. If you had a heavy log, these might not be able to grasp it, or the log itself might bend the metal and escape the grip, so you might have to use another method to move it. They work well for camp fires.

👤We like how easy it is to move the hot logs around. They are long enough to grab the logs and not get burned. The tongs are easy to use. It's good to work for small to medium logs, large logs may be difficult to work on. I was happy to make the purchase.

11. US Stove BSK1000 Cast Barrel

US Stove BSK1000 Cast Barrel

Customer care. They are dedicated to providing you with premium products and customer care. Don't wait any longer and enjoy your products today! The double barrel kit can be used to double the size of your camp stove. Light weight, portable and easy to assemble. It is made of heavy duty cast iron. Not for sale or use in Washington.

Brand: Us Stove

👤It was very easy to build. Line up the door, legs and flue with a centerline down the barrel. The hole for the door should be cut as low as possible. Before cutting, double check door placement. I used a piece of furniture to cut something. Burn off chemicals and paint by loading up the wood. The stove was finished with black paint.

👤I received a kit that was in great condition and all of the parts I received were high quality cast iron. I welded the lid back on the 55 gallon galvanized steel barrel that I cut off 1/3 of. I painted the entire barrel with 2000 degree red furnace paint after I sealed the weld with black furnace cement caulk. I attached all the pieces using the kit. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤It worked as expected. I went to the local scrap yard and bought a quarter inch thick scrap steel pipe that was more sturdy than a 55 gallon drum. I used to make a blower system out of scrap boiler tubes. I didn't use the legs since they're a couple hundred pounds. It was a great product and I'm thinking about building a few more.

👤The Double Barrel kit does a great job of heating our out building. The instructions are well written and we found a few suggestions once it was assembled. We are very happy with both kits. I will post another review if it does well enough to completely warm up a building in northeast Ohio in February.

👤I had to get a wood burning stove and I didn't want to spend more money than I needed to. The kit fit the bill. Within an hour, I had the stove assembled, after I got a steel barrel with a lid. It will take a long time if you need a saw that can cut steel well. I have been using the stove for about two months and have had no issues with it. The kit fits drums of 55 gallons or more. The curved parts fit the sides. The door has a handle that is cool. I can't say for certain, but I have always had gloves on when I adjust the flue. The barrel is larger than most cheap wood stoves and the air quality is very good. The legs are only about 3-6 inches long. I have to build a platform for it. I'm not going to crawl on the floor to fill it. I am very happy with the stove that I built.

👤It works as an outside stove. It was easy to install. The air inlet at the bottom of the door isn't letting enough air in, according to other reviewers. The fire will go out if I close the door and open the vent. I'll leave the door open and only use it outside. It will be poorly packaged and so you should open yours immediately to see if the parts are still there. I returned the first kit because the door was cracked. The second one was missing two nuts.


What is the best product for cooking accessories for wood burning stove?

Cooking accessories for wood burning stove products from Pmny. In this article about cooking accessories for wood burning stove you can see why people choose the product. Aunt Shannon's Kitchen and Voda are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking accessories for wood burning stove.

What are the best brands for cooking accessories for wood burning stove?

Pmny, Aunt Shannon's Kitchen and Voda are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking accessories for wood burning stove. Find the detail in this article. Old Dutch, Inno Stage and Guide Gear are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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