Best Cooking Accessories for Camping

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1. Coghlans Burner Non Stick Griddle 10 Inches

Coghlans Burner Non Stick Griddle 10 Inches

The heavy gauge aluminum griddle has a non-stick surface for easy clean-up. The hook for hanging to dry or storage is integrated. essential gear for car camping, RV trailers, motor homes, cabins and more

Brand: Coghlan's

👤It's not what it's designed for when the griddle is put onto a fire. It says on the label to not heat it too quickly or expose it to extreme heat. The Coleman 2- burner stove has been great because we have used this griddle so many times. It's the same as it was the day we bought it. We've done a lot of things on it, including burgers and hotdogs, eggs, sausage, pancakes, bacon, pork chops, and so many other things.

👤I wanted to like them. I bought two of them for a camping trip. It seemed to be what I needed. It was difficult to pour off the bacon grease after it was cooked. Sausages were also cooked on it. They both warped after just those uses. I wonder if I got them too hot. The food didn't burn. The rounded corners are where part of the coating is chipping off. They are a little flimsy. They're not usable anymore because food would slide all downhill in one direction due to the warping and grease would roll down into the fire. My parents have had a Coleman camp griddle for over 50 years. It's in good shape. There is a well all around the edge. I didn't borrow it because they live too far away. I thought these would be just the thing, but it seems that I was wrong. It was right for me to go cheaper.

👤I bring this camping with me. Eggs in the morning and bacon are perfect for the steaks, burgers, toast buns and bagels I cook. If using over an open fire, buy a grate like the one in my picture that will raise it above the fire and put it on. The flat top grate won't work very well without it.

👤It works great with my Coleman grill. We plan to use this for breakfast when camping. We did a trial run and it turned out great.

👤This is my second Coghlans griddle. The first one vanished after using it on several tailgate and camping trips. I'm not sure if the designer used the pan while camping because it's easy to clean and it's size is good. If you camp, you know that picnic tables are usually unbalanced. I have several pieces of wood cut in various thicknesses to stick under the picnic table legs in order to balance it. Because the lip on the griddle is not very high, it is easy to spill things on the stove. C'mon Coghlans! Someone from your company should read this and redesign it with a higher lip.

👤I bought this griddle to make breakfast in my kitchen. This fits perfectly over my stove, and I got a more affordable option instead of buying an electric griddle. It's lightweight so it slides when cooking. I have to wear an oven mitt to hold it down.

👤It's a great addition to my camping gear. I made breakfast food and washed it well. I wonder why I bothered with the heavy skillet after forgetting it. It has a cold spot in the middle where there isn't any flame, but it takes up both burners. I had to make pancakes over the burner.

2. Cookware Ultralight Lightweight Non Stick Backpacking

Cookware Ultralight Lightweight Non Stick Backpacking

The package includes cooking utensils, a cutting board, scissors, and a black carrying case. The complete camping cooking set includes a mini stove with piezo ignition, a storage box, two anode oxidation with heat insulation wrap, a ladle, a portable carabiner, wooden spoons, and a folding knife. The Camping Person Mess Kit is perfect for 1-2 people. The portable outdoor cooking set is a must have survival gear that can last for a long time. It's perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking, picnics, and other outdoor activities. The item is lightweight and portable. All the accessories in the set can be put into the largest pot, and the lid of the small pot should be covered to make sure they don't get left behind. The handles on the pot or stove can be folded. The weight is only 1.26LB, the diameter is only 4.7 inches, the height is 6.1 inches, and the nylon net bag with hanging rope is very convenient to carry. The pot has a foldable handle that can protect your hands from injury. The mesh bag has a shrink rope that can be hung on the backpack. You can use it to cook, boil water, or fry eggs. Enjoy cooking outdoors. You can take a Beteray backpacking cooking set to enjoy camping anywhere for a few days. You can use it to cook, boil water, or fry eggs.

Brand: Beteray

👤This is a great set of utensils. The set also included a folding stove. The stove requires you to hold onto the handles. The handles are made of thick rubber to protect against burns. There is a The soup ladle is built into the spoon section so it is less likely to be lost. The natural loofah sponge is not recommended to be stored inside. There is a The bag is a dirty bag after washing.

👤I wasn't expecting much for $30. I was expecting something cheap and flimsy, and not much more. That is not the case with this camping cookware set. There is a It's ridiculously modular and small. It comes with a mesh bag for carrying and hang drying if you choose that route. It comes with a scrub sponge, a wooden spatula, a plastic food safe bowl, another bowl with a ladle attachment, a carabiner, and a pot. The quality is nice and the pots have a nice finish. It is a type of steel. No worries about oxidation or rust. Each of the pots has the same measurement in metric and standard so it is easy to use. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality.

👤This stove is light and packable. I was looking for a separate propane tank, so make sure you buy it. There is a When you buy the combo, you get the burner, pot and extras in one package. The kit is great for camping, biking or cross country backbacking. It's good for a few people. 800mil of water can be brought to a boil in a few minutes. The pans are constructed well and non stick. The pot moves when you boil the water. There is a The mesh carry has a lid that will fit over the top. The extras were useful. The set does not include a propane tank. Some propane tanks will not fit. This is a great addition to your pack. There is a We were not able to light it on that small burner at the end of the camp, but I used that on your four day camp. I returned it.

👤There is a problem with the stove in the kit. There is a small tab on the rotating arms that will not open all the way. I wanted to use it on a hiking trip this week, but I am unable to push it with one of the utensils bent end. It is not ideal but usable. It works great once I open it.

👤I bought this for my husband who is a forest fire fighter. I wanted something that was easy to carry in his bag. He said it was fine. He was worried that it might tip over and start a bigger fire. Should have bought a jet boil.

👤The screws are on easy. It's easy to ignite. It burns like a jet engine. The water was boiled in 3 minutes and the baby had to sit because of the fire point of contact. It torches a small spot.

3. Portable Cookware Stainless Grilling Organizer

Portable Cookware Stainless Grilling Organizer

PerfECT CAMPING MESS KIT The portable Mess Kit is perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking, picnics, and other outdoor activities. The lightweight and durable aluminum is ideal for camping backpacks. It is the best gift for men if you only buy one set, which can meet the needs of 3-4 people. It is a complete and professional BBQ grill kit that will satisfy all your needs for cooking, perfect for travel, picnicking, camping, hiking, backyard BBQ-ing, parties, concerts, sporting events, boat rides, and mountaineers. The bag is 9” wide and 3” thick. A mini kitchen is on the go. Their portable utensil organizers fit all the essential utensils for the comfiest outdoors dining experience: 1 storage bag, 1 cutting board, 1 barbecue fork, 1slotted tongs, 1paring knife, and 1 wine opener. The bag has more space so you can personalize your kit. Your grilling experience is their main design purpose, the perfect lightweight and ergonomics ensure avoiding getting burns and skids when grilling. The end hanging rings design makes it easy to hang on everywhere when not in use to save space and keep tidy. These camping cooking utensils are lightweight so you don't get tired quickly. Their outdoor cooking kit is made of high-end STAINLESS STEEL for enhanced durability and reliability, and it features 100% made with high-end STAINLESS STEEL. Their utensils are dishwasher safe and are made to last a long time. Birthdays, Father's Day, Anniversary, College Graduation, and Christmas are all memorable with this gift. If you have a problem, please contact them and they will try to solve it as soon as possible.

Brand: Freehiker

👤This could be good or bad. I don't think it's a good idea to buy something so flimsy and poor quality for a car camping trip. The set is too large to take back packing. If you want a set like this for camping, you should buy something with more heft.

👤Light weight clean up is very easy.

4. Odoland Camping Cookware Hanging Cutlery

Odoland Camping Cookware Hanging Cutlery

We provide high-quality products and good after-sales service. If you have a question, please contact them. They will solve your problems in 24 hours. They will send you a new product if you receive a damaged product. What are you waiting for? Click "Buy Now" to get the perfect camping cookware. The camping cookware kit is perfect for 6 people. It includes a large pot, a kettle, a non-stick pan, 6 dishes, and 6 cups. There are 4 cleaning clothes and a large bag. The large pot can be hung over the fire or put on open fire. The pot pan and kettle can be used with firewood. Each piece has a non-stick Teflon coating, which makes it incredibly durable. It is a must have survival gear that can last a long time. The foldable handles on the pot or stove are easy to carry. All the objects in the cooking set can be stored in a mesh bag for easy carry. Enjoy cooking. The cookware kit is designed for anyone who loves camping outdoors. It is portable and convenient for camping, hiking, backpacking, picnic and other outdoor activities.

Brand: Odoland

👤There are two pots, one sauce pan, a kettle, 6 cups, 6 saucer sized plates, 6 full sets of silverware. There is a There are pros. I thought the kettle was small and we'd have to refill it at least twice to serve everyone. Not so... I put it in my measuring cups and it held 6 cups of water. The cups have a small head room. I use the same size pot for my family of 6 every day. There is a The plates are small, but you can always use them. The plates and cups are easy to clean.

👤The set is 39 pieces. I don't like folding forks or spoons. The cups have rings on them. It's better to take pots and pans and paper plates from home. The plates are small. Only a 4 piece set is required. If I don't clean them. I have more. Being lightweight seems sturdy. They are firm even after trying to bend. This should last a while. The utensils are small compared to the ones you use at home. They work well. I don't think car camping is good for backpacking. The carrying case is very sturdy. If used on a campfire, rub a bar of soap on the bottom and one inch high on the side for easy clean up. On a camp stove, forget the soap.

👤I would like to give this product four stars. I had to do more research before buying this item. The medals are not in danger. People need to check the medals. Some camping items are not food grade and contain lead. The product is safe and doesn't contain lead. It's not good for viewing wild life while hiking. The cups are in a size of 4 to 6 ounces. Very small. The cups are hard to get out of the kettle. The plates are small. I like the 39 pieces for the price. I have five children. I would buy this again for camping in a camper or car. The space saver item is nice. I hope this helps.

👤This set is very small. It has everything we need for a camping trip. I wish the company had six different colors so that each family member could keep their cups and utensils separate. Their picture clearly shows what you get in the set. We are very happy with our purchase and would buy the same set again.

👤I got this for my family of 5 and the kitchen since it would replace a teapot of the same size. The big pot has a small size. I gave it a 4 star because it fit on its side so not ideal. I can work with that. I should have found it before I built the kitchen. If it holds up, this will be a game-changer in that we have not had a large pot to cook with unless we bring our home kitchen pot. It looks like a good quality camp pot.

👤I was very pleased with the quality of these. They are easy to clean and important for camping. It was shocking how it all came together into a small package. The carrying case was great, and I really am glad I got it.

5. Overmont Camping Cookware Lightweight Backpacking

Overmont Camping Cookware Lightweight Backpacking

The package includes a pot, frying pan, plastic bowls, spoon, spatula, cleaning towel, and a net bag. Premium Material is made through an anodize oxidation process and has a protective layer on the surface. The Overmont camping cookware is easy to carry and won't take up a lot of space. All of the pot and pan can be packed in a mesh bag. It is suitable for 1-2 people. If you're looking for a good lightweight kit, look no further. It's great to take it anywhere you go, and enjoy a hot meal after a day outdoors. If there is anything that holds you back from being 100% satisfied, contact their customer service team immediately and they will respond within 48 hours.

Brand: Overmont

👤I was very excited about this set, it was a great size and had everything we needed for a camping trip. There is a It doesn't clean well. We used the coleman outdoor stove and it was difficult to clean because I rubbed vegetable oil on the cooking surface and the flame was stuck to it. I let it soak overnight at home with a touch of dish soap and I didn't have to scrub it because it was burnt on food. I'll try to use it again.

👤This is ok. There are a couple quirks with the pans and kettle. The other items are not great. I like compact gear but mostly car camp. It's nice to have light gear if I backpack, I don't have to carry a bunch of full size pans. If you're backpacking and using all the accessories that come with it, it's meant for one person. If you had to make this work for a few people, you would be mad. There is a The set is lightweight and has a mesh case to hold it all. The pans cook food for 2 people and the kettle is good for 2 small cups of coffee. They're quite small and you want to cook them in batches. The bamboo spoon is pretty cool, and it's nice to have a little loofah sponge to clean it out. There is a Most of the stuff that comes with it is ok. The ladel is usable. The fold-up flatware is fine if I am backpacking, but I would bring other utensils. I got some sparks off the flint strikers so it works, but I will probably never use it. Teflon wouldn't survive anyways since camping gear tends to get beat up and scratched, so this isn't non-stick. You will need some kind of oil to cook with. There is a The kettle handle is covered in something. It is not fire safe. You have to watch it carefully on a fire grate or alcohol burner. I wouldn't want to cook with this set on hot coals. The handles seem to hold up well on pans and lifting. I wish they were snapped into place when fully open or closed. One handle swings freely and the other stays where you put it. When the set arrived, it was not packed in so the pan and lid was the only thing covering everything else. The plastic bowls were resting slightly off the pan which allowed dirt to get in while you were hiking. I've not found a way to get the bowls in there so the lid will close, and I've decided they probably don't fit that way, the picture shows the closest I could get it to closing. I tried to find a how-to or instructions but couldn't. I don't like that, every other mess kit I've had closed completely to keep them clean, but this one doesn't seem to close all the way. There is a I will probably keep it because it's ok for how I camp, but I wouldn't recommend it to a friend.

6. CampLand Aluminum Lightweight Adjustable Organizer

CampLand Aluminum Lightweight Adjustable Organizer

Not your grandpa's table! Go big at home. It was built for stability. Nothing less will do! The aircraft grade aluminum table is sure to give you years of service. The weights can be up to 30 lbs. The rubber feet are designed to be stable. A perfect outdoor companion can be found in the forest or on the river. You can now cook, drink, play cards, and enjoy your morning cup of joe. The overall dimensions are easy to install and fold up. Made of a table top, 19mm aluminum pipe and 600D cartons. Large storage space to protect your food from the bugs and animals is offered by the Zippered cartons. It's convenient to have a party whenever you want, it's perfect for camping, barbecues, backyard parties, etc. The table can't stand the rain and there is a 100% money back guarantee if you don't like it.

Brand: Campland

👤The table is a must have for all campers. You can no longer dig in totes or tents for papers. It has a lot of dry storage and plenty of table space. The pieces are in under 2 minutes.

👤This thing is amazing. I used it at a music festival and it worked better than I thought. It's compact and folds up nicely. The bins underneath were perfect for storing food. It's perfect for fruits, chips and breads. Anything squishy. This table would be a good recommendation.

👤I needed a tv stand. It works perfect. Excellent quality. Light but strong.

👤The table is great for jet skis. We put our food under it to keep it out of the sun.

👤I think this is a great RV camping table for outside. It's easy to put together, it folds up into a small box, you open it and you have a huge table and shelf to keep stuff in. I really like it.

👤It could be a couple of inches taller. The height measurement should have been paid attention to. It could be a little stronger. There is a The table has some storage.

👤It hasn't been used yet. We set it up before we went camping. Very nice. Can't wait to use it.

👤Not very impressed. The zippers are not of good quality. It does not fold out level. I think I'll send it back. I would not have bought it at the price if I had been in the store.

👤For the price, the table is perfect. I would have bought a different one if I needed something stronger. This does what I need it to do. It's easy to setup and folds up nicely for storage.

👤The wood and joints are very cheap. I used to camp but the wood splintered from the water. It would be okay if you only used dry items.

👤The table top looks to be a bit warped after a few drops of rain, but for the most part, it's a great table to have at the campsite.

👤There were bubbles in the table top. The smell of the storage underneath was so strong that we never used it.

👤This was bought to work as an outdoor kitchen for our tent trailer. It was perfect for our needs. It is easy to set up and take down. There is a lot of room for storage.

7. Portable 27 Piece Stainless Grilling Organizer

Portable 27 Piece Stainless Grilling Organizer

There is a free wilderness. If you want to enjoy the great outdoors without second guessing, then you need the lightweight, compact, and mobile design of the Bisgear Camp Kitchen Set. The Amzgo camping picnic cooking accessory kit is designed for every family or outdoor enthusiast. It is a complete and professional BBQ grill kit that will satisfy all your needs for cooking, perfect for travel, picnics, RV, camping, hiking, backyard BBQ-ing, parties, concerts, sporting events, boat rides, and more. Everyone of them has a unique use for this utensil set. There was a storage bag, a cutting board, a barbecue fork, a chef's knife, a wine opener, and a scalpel. Purchases are guaranteed. If you have a question about their products, please feel free to contact them. The main purpose of the design is to make the grilling experience user-friendly. The grilling action can cause burns and skid. The end hanging rings design makes it easy to hang on everywhere when not in use to save space. These camping cooking utensils are lightweight so you don't get tired quickly. Everything is right where you left it. The bag has an outside handle for easy transportation, storage, and organization. All cooking utensils are made with tough Oxford fabric, which keeps them clean, dry, and rust-free. Every utensil is held in a pocket or strap and does not get scratched or damaged during transportation. These cooking utensils are non-toxic and safe to use. Sturdy construction makes these toolsdurable and long- lasting, and you won't have to worry about grill accessories cracking. Some of the kitchen utensils are dishwasher safe. After washing, there were no smells or sticky messes.

Brand: Nexgadget

👤I don't know what kitchen supplies will be provided with my housing. I needed a solution to bring my kitchen utensils with me without having to unpack and pack again, and I didn't want to throw a mess of my own in a plastic bag. This is the perfect solution, it provides most of the basic necessities in a small bag. I added a pizza cutter, measuring spoons, a flat strainer, a real beer opener, and a rubber spatula. I could easily add more with the elastic straps. Everything is in place. I don't know if the long termDurability is possible, but everything is made of STAINLESS STEEL and appears well made. It is easy to keep in my trunk.

👤This is an Amazon Favorite. I paid a little more for this than the one I bought last year. Someone at Amazon needs to use this one. This set is amazing. I couldn't be more enthusiastic in my endorsement. Everything you are likely to need is here. We bought it for camping. I enjoy using these fine cooking and dining implements so much that I often pull them out to use in cooking at home. The set is easy to transport and has a high quality case. I'm usually not as impressed with purchased items. The knives in this set are sharp. This is a very good set. Forget about what Amazon likes. This will become your favorite as it has become mine.

👤I took my first trip this past Memorial Day weekend and was very disappointed. If you are looking for just basic silverware all in one to use, this is not it. Everything was hand washed and dried for 3 days, but by the end of the weekend it was all rust. The girl pokers that we used on the grill were not heat resistant. I am not rough on anything. I was hoping this would last me more than one trip, but I am so disappointed.

👤The thing is light, compact and perfect for organizing kitchen tools for car camping. I wouldn't use this kit for every day use, but everything in it is at least quality. There are no useless gadgets that come in a lot of kits. There is a spatula, scraper, Ford, silverware, a couple sharp knives with sheathes, wine/beer opener, and poultry shears. There is a The case come in different colors, but it is a small issue for a great little kit.

👤I had high hopes for this, but it ended up causing damage. The handle came undone because it was sewn to the case. I was getting ready to package it back up to return it when I realized that the other side of the handle was not the same. I won't replace it with the same one because it was bad.

👤This is a good get and comes with a nice bag. One of the reasons for the two stars is that the fondu forks can go under your fingernails if you reach in the bag. I was thankful for the first aid kit. The rest of the kit was useful and will be used again.

8. Organizer Accessories Portable Backpacking Resistant

Organizer Accessories Portable Backpacking Resistant

All ingredients and supplies are included for your Shimmer Lab experiments. All ingredients are free from harmful substances. The ages are 8 and up. It is convenient to organize and hold your utensils in one place. Each utensil has its own pouch, so it doesn't get damaged in transit or in storage. It has a secure zip seal and is easy to access. It is possible to make a multi-purpose plan. The trendy kit can be used for a lot of things. The travel utensil kit is perfect for camp kitchens because it holds all your essential outdoor cooking utensils. It is made with tough woven cotton and protects your utensils from the elements, and it has multiple compartments so it stays sturdy. In the event of a fall, the thick woven cotton outer shell casing will prevent your cutlery from getting scratched, marred or disfigured. A contemporary design with a woven multicolored pattern. It will be a hit at your next camp or boat ride. Adding a vibrant splash of color to your spread with this blend is a breeze. Travel friendly. It's perfect for family outings to the beach, park, hiking and camping. The pouch can be hand held or folded into travel luggage. It's dishwasher safe and it's washer friendly. It is easy to store away in standard storage spaces.

Brand: Wealers

👤I was excited to get my own set because my sister has one and we used it on a camping trip. Everything that was described was included. Several of the utensils that I received were scratched and looked like they had been used. The horrible smell of the carrying case was what made it so bad for me. It smells like cigarettes, but on a whole new level. The warehouse employees probably need to be tested for lung cancer. I thought I would be one of the lucky ones that got a set that didn't smell, because a lot of people had this complaint. I was wrong. I will not be using utensils to cook with that have been sitting in a bag that smells like cigarettes.

👤The Wealers 7-piece outdoor/indoor cooking set met my expectations and was an inexpensive set. I used the set as my only cooking utensil set after returning from a camping trip. There were a few exceptions in the set. I would rate each item as follows. The cutting board is small enough to fit in the kit and strong enough to cut on with ease. It's easy to clean. The knife is 5 stars and feels really durable. If you aren't careful, can easily cut meat, veggies, fruit, and fingers. The plastic handle broke at the end. I can't imagine anyone could use the spatula for more than a few meals without the plastic breaking. The ladle got the job done, but is a little small. The handle is made of the same plastic as the spatula, but it didn't break on me. There is a The rice paddle was used to stir a number of items, without incident. Feels strong. These are barely used but they are the same scissors that you would use in your kitchen and can be found in a nice knife set. There were no issues with these. I was able to cook my meat and veggies on the grill. It is easy to use and clean. This was never a big issue for me because they are all metal and can be a little warm. There is a bonus! The orange pack is 5 stars and I love the design. It's small enough to fit in with my other camping gear. I wish the plastic items were a little more sturdy than they are. Hope that helps with your decision-making process.

👤Cool set of scissors. They just cut a zip tie.

👤There are pros and cons. The main reason we bought the case was to be able to grab it, move to the grill, and then leave after. It doesn't take up a ton of space and it fits longer things like skewers. The items inside are mediocre, I think, given the price. There is a I don't think I expected tongs to be so short, but they are useless if you're working over a fire or high heat because they don't sping to them. You could put your own kitchen tools in there, or you already own camping tools.

9. Bulin Backpacking Equipment Lightweight Including

Bulin Backpacking Equipment Lightweight Including

REDCAMP has a 100% money back guarantee. They will give you a satisfying solution if any piece is broken. The camping mess kit is made of safe, non-toxic aluminum and is easy to clean. Hard-anodized aluminum is rust-free and can conduct heat quickly. Handles that are heat resistant keep your fingers safe. It is secure and anti-scald. The complete set of 3-4 cookware sets. The backpacking cooking set includes 2 pots with lids, a frying pan, a kettle, a kettle with a bowl, a plate, a spoon, and a cleaning sponge. It's ideal for a couple of people. You can eat with your lover. Money that was the best ever spent. The collapsible bundle design lets your camping cookware nest together and save a lot of space in your backpack. The camping kitchen accessories can be stored in a mesh bag for easy carry. There are different ways to cook. Hanging the cookware set over the fire is possible. It's perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking, picnic, etc. The ability of non-stick is limited because they do not use chemical layers. Try not to cook with oil for sticky ingredients. It's an ideal gift for Camper Lovers. The camping dinnerware is a great gift for anyone who wants a bug out bag. If you're not happy with your experience, please let them know and they'll help you.

Brand: Bulin

👤It worked well and was good quality. Light weight. Handles didn't seem to get to hot even directly on the fire. Buy it. It is what you are looking for.

👤The reviews are good for this. I had a terrible time with this cookware set and the only good thing I can say is that it is lightweight and compact. I can see how important that would be, but everything else about this set is terrible. The breakdown is not non-stick. Everything I cooked was a mess to remove from the pans. I didn't care how much oil I used. The burgers were cooked in the pan. They were ruined because they were stuck to the pan when I tried to flip them. Eggs would stick. Everything sticks to these. If you are camping out in a car, get a good teflon pan or cast iron and don't care about the heft. We spent half an hour scrubbing away at the horrible pans after dinner. I didn't bring a normal pan or two. The cookware does not transfer heat evenly. The paper-thin pans have horrible hot spots that will cause you to burn parts of your dish. The frying pan is too small to cook a lot of food and has steep vertical sides, making it hard to flip things over. Everything you attempt to cook will be welded to the bottom of the pan before it becomes an issue. The flip out handles are very hot in practice and can be a nightmare to use. They flopping about when trying to move the pan around because they don't latch together. It could be dangerous if the handles flop about and you spill a pot full of boiling liquid on yourself. If you need an ultra-compact cookware set, bring a few normal backpacking pots and pans. The plates and bowls are a joke. They are next to a dinner plate. They are flimsy cheap plastic and the plate holds enough food for a child, but not for an adult. The bowls are small and hold a small amount of liquid. The bowls were too small to be useful and we ended up eating out of the pots. This set was very frustrating to use due to the small size of everything and the complete failure of the non-stick surface, and I will be returning it. Unless you are extremely size/weight constrained, do not consider this. If you are camping in a car, just bring some pots and pans and plastic plates and bowls, and you will be fine.

👤We needed to replace our bulky camping cookware. They are wonderful! The handles work well and stay cool. It's large enough to prepare meals for a few people. They are perfect for the Coleman stove. I was skeptical about the little tea kettle, but it was perfect balanced and the pour spout worked well. I like the non-stick coating, but it might be better for the long haul.

👤A great set for camping. I've used the pots on a cook stove and open fire and the handles are easy to lift. The steam hole in each lid lets you know when the water is boiling. There are 2 and 4 cup marks on the cook pots. I would like to see the measurement mark on the bowl. That is an awesome product that I am very happy to own.

10. Stansport 15997 Cast Iron Tripod

Stansport 15997 Cast Iron Tripod

It's great for induction cooktops. Sturdy three leg design. The chain and hook are nickel plated. Heavy duty steel construction. Holds Dutch ovens, coffee pots, tea pots, etc. Hangs lanterns, water jugs, and clothing. A lead free, heavy duty steel construction with a nickel plated chain for easy cooking height adjustment. It's perfect for hanging tea pots. Over a fire.

Brand: Stansport

👤I thought it would be a simple tool to have when cooking over fire. When I got it, it wouldn't stand up. 2 more people checked it out. Its not nice. A cast iron pot over a fire. I thought no. They tried to return it. The company wouldn't work with me. I would have to pay a fee. To return it. The company does bad business.

👤I am very pleased with my purchase. It is well built and should last a long time. I've used it with Lodge 4 quart, Coleman 7.5 quart, and Lodge 10 quart dutch ovens. I put a Grillmark cooking grate on four chains to cook hotdogs and hamburgers. I will post a photo. It was too short for a 25" cooking grate without a hole for the fire or using coals to cook over. It works well for cooking in fire pits where the flames are lower than a campfire. I paid more for a Lodge 5TP2 Tall Boy tripod than I did for it. It makes me taller to adjust how much heat gets to the food while it is still centered over the fire. In order to cook some soup and have a decent size campfire, I need to offset the tripod to the side of the fire. I am happy with my purchase, however, I always go for the taller tripod first if I am cooking over the fire, and if I am going for a campfire. I hope this helps.

👤I hung a cooking grate and lodge. The top was cool. It looked like new after the first use. The next camping trip will have a smaller charcoal grate. Before using the charcoal grate, you must clean and season it. I had some pre-cooked pizza at about 6K ft altitude and put some grill mats. Everything was delicious. Before adding the chains, make sure to position it correctly. There is a tip. I put the cast iron on the fire to warm it up.

👤The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars was because you can't use it on a flat hard surface without something to keep the legs from sliding. They don't connect at the top in a way that allows you to lock them in place. You have to be able to push the bottom of the legs into the dirt. I wasn't expecting that. If you're using this on the ground, you'll be fine, not on a wood or concrete floor. There is a The tripod is great once you figure out how to keep the legs in place. There is a It is 37" high with the legs spread 39" apart, which is the minimum I felt I could spread them and still have a sturdy tripod. If you need a shorter tripod, you can spread them further apart or put them closer together. The way I put the hook up was to hang it off the ground and then attach the chain to the pot at any height you need. There is a If you don't double it up, you'll only have the pot and the tripod, but you have everything else. The quality is very good.

11. Organizer Accessories Portable Backpacking Resistant

Organizer Accessories Portable Backpacking Resistant

Another quality product from Coleman. It is convenient to organize and hold your utensils in one place. Each utensil has its own pouch, so it doesn't get damaged in transit or in storage. It has a secure zip seal and is easy to access. It is possible to make a multi-purpose plan. The trendy kit can be used for a lot of things. The travel utensil kit is perfect for camp kitchens because it holds all your essential outdoor cooking utensils. It is made with tough woven cotton and protects your utensils from the elements, and it has multiple compartments so it stays sturdy. In the event of a fall, the thick woven cotton outer shell will keep your cutlery from getting damaged. A contemporary design with a woven multicolored pattern. It will be a hit at your next camp or boat ride. Adding a vibrant splash of color to your spread with this blend is a breeze. Travel friendly. It's perfect for family outings to the beach, park, hiking and camping. The pouch can be hand held or folded into travel luggage. It's dishwasher safe and it's washer friendly. It is easy to store away in standard storage spaces.

Brand: Wealers

👤The backpack is cute and easy to wipe clean, but it has a lot of things that are necessary when going on a picnic/trip/camping. The knife that was only used for a week was thrown away because it had already rusted. The first bottle of wine was opened with a corkscrew. Use the backpack with some items. If you want nicer versions, swap out other items.

👤I think Amazon reviews are a scam. This is junk. If it lasts more than 3 camping trips, I will be shocked.

👤I was looking forward to this set. When I took it out of the box and put it in the bag, there was a horrible smell and I thought I would let it air out for a day. The spatula had black char marks on it as I was going through the utensils inside, and then I put the plastic back on. I will be returning immediately after I am disappointed.

👤I received my camping bag. The bag is very good quality and looks like it will stand up to the harsh environments we like to camp in. I was surprised by the knife. I wasn't expecting much at this price point. You will need all the utensils for your camp kitchen.

👤I bought this for a camping trip and was impressed with the utensils inside, the knife is better than my kitchen knives. It's easy to repack and store because it holds so much. The can opener is a top cutter, like the old electrical kind, and it took us a while to get used to it. No more issues after we figured it out. I love it!

👤This is the best kitchen kit I have ever had. I was expecting a lot of quality tools in this bag, but nobody wants to bring their good kitchen stuff with them. No. The scissors are the best I have had and I prefer them over OXO brand scissors I have at home. The knives are very sharp and can cut tomatoes without damaging them. There is a lot of room to expand. I added a microfiber towel that folds up small to the kit as well as a lodge chainmail sponge and a large bottle of campsuds. If I ever need more, I have room for it. There is a The glove was useless. I have medium hands and this thing is too small. The washcloth is great, but I wish it had a scrubby side. The point of camping kits is to get one and replace it. A nice complete kit that keeps everything together and can be replaced as needed. This is the kit for people who don't have a lot of kitchen equipment reserved for camping. You will not regret it.

👤After looking at least 2 other listings for the same kit, I decided this was the best choice. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the pieces. I initially thought the heat glove looked skimpy, but the rest of everything is solid. The knives are good for a kit at this price and will do the job. The pack would allow for easy replacement of lost/ damaged pieces or just upgrade a piece. I haven't used anything yet. I only worry about washing. I know the utensils will be fine hand washing, but stuff like this just gets thrown in my dishwasher. If the utensils don't work well in the dishwasher, I will update, but otherwise, very pleased with this kit.


What is the best product for cooking accessories for camping?

Cooking accessories for camping products from Coghlan's. In this article about cooking accessories for camping you can see why people choose the product. Beteray and Freehiker are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking accessories for camping.

What are the best brands for cooking accessories for camping?

Coghlan's, Beteray and Freehiker are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking accessories for camping. Find the detail in this article. Odoland, Overmont and Campland are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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