Best Camping Cooking Gear Over Fire

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1. Xergur Camping Tripod Board Accessories

Xergur Camping Tripod Board Accessories

Another quality product from Coleman. The campfire tripod plate is made of high-quality, high-temperature resistance, and durable. It's an accessory for hanging pot stove. The camping tripod board can be combined with branches to turn them into tripods. The hanging chain can be adjusted to a grill height, which is more convenient for cooking. Enjoy time with family and friends. The camp tripod plate can be stored in a camping backpack and is convenient to carry. camping is full of fun because activities don't need a tripod. It is the best choice for camping. The diameter of the round hole of the Camping Tripod board is 2 cm and the diameter of the trunk is less than 2 cm. The chain length is adjusted. They will provide you with a 24 month warranty to make sure that this will be your favorite risk free purchase. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Xergur

👤I thought this would save me time, but it looks like I will have to shave the wood to fit the size of the holes, I could have made one of these at half the price.

👤The pouch is not made of leather and does not have a belt loop. I am worried that the chain won't hold much weight, but that's left to be seen. I hope it's better than it looks. I can shave the ends of the branches to fit the small holes. We will have to try them out before we commit to trusting them.

👤I had to use something other than sticks. It was great to cook over the fire. I used a wire to hold the rebate together.

👤Remember not to overload the self made tripod. Light weight and easy to store. The works are stated in the advertisement. I live on 1100 acres and bought one and gave it to my 13 year old twins, the extra weight and length takes away from the idea. They came back with some good stories and were well fed. They dropped the camera in the stream, so no pics to post. Oh well... The stories. I would recommend this item again, it was very well made for a few bucks.

👤I used it for my propane lantern in our camp sight, but it could be used for a cooking pot, dutch oven, etc. A quick tri-pods for many uses.

👤I enjoy bushcraft and wild camping. I took my sons on a camping trip. We didn't bring a stove because it was raining. The tripod and pot were used to cook over the fire. One night you can cook chili and the next you can cook stew. There is a The tripod worked well. To fit the tripod, shave the ends of the live green limbs. The legs have to be dug in a bit so they don't slide out. It was great to be able to prepare a pot and cook it. We were given extra time to visit as the meal was ending. There is a It is a great addition to my pack. I like the leather pouch it comes with. There is a A winner product!

👤A great addition to camping kit. It was compact and built well. It is convenient to use. It was quick to set up. The legs are easy to make with sticks and a knife. Highly recommended.

2. Coleman Tripod Grill Lantern Hanger

Coleman Tripod Grill Lantern Hanger

A portable grill is ideal for cooking. The materials are of the highest quality. lanterns accessories Another quality product from Coleman.

Brand: Coleman

👤I like it. The grill grate is large enough to hold two packs of hot dogs. The legs are strong. It's not meant for heavy Dutch ovens, but more like a camp outing with family or friends. The shock cord material keeps the leg sections from being lost. The spear type point at the end of each leg is easy to push into the ground for more support. It's 5 lbs. It's not much for most hikers, but if you travel by car to your camp area or use it in the back yard, it's a great piece. After cleaning the grill gate, the tripod can be used to hang light weight items. The grill gate can be put back on after cleaning. With leg do. I could see this being used as an emergency tepee style tarp shelter, with 3 feet across and holes in the top section pole holders. It's at a price that won't break the bank and galvanized steel should last a long time.

👤I am going to make a couple of points that I didn't see covered in other reviews. This grill is great for grilling. Unlike other grills, it does not need to be balanced on rocks and logs, and it is very easy to adjust. Have you ever had a bed of coals that were too short to grill your food? Your grill is too hot if you add wood or it goes cold if you don't. The grill adjusts to the heat of the wood fire. If your fire is cooking unevenly you can give this grill a gentle spin and it will spin back and forth over the flames giving you an even time over the hotter and cooler parts of your fire. I would like to address the peoples points about how it is difficult to flip your food because the grill swings when you try. If you want your grill to touch all three legs, adjust it up. The legs will hold the grill in place. You should adjust it back down to the height you were cooking at. And that is all. Lots of bank for a small amount of money.

👤When I used a large 32' camper, I usually went for the more expensive heavy duty tri-pods, but I wanted a lighter weight one that would break down for storage in my new little camper. I only used it for a week in Maine. It was used for every meal. It worked well. I did not have a problem cooking on it. I did not have to look at the instructions to set up. One leg didn't want to connect together. You have to line up the divets on one section of leg to the channel in the other. I had to force it together because one of the pieces did not want to go together easily. It will not come apart. I have to use brute force or borrow someone with bigger muscles to get it apart. I didn't think it was weak like others have said. It's not as strong as some of the other ones, but for the price, it's pretty good. I only cooked for two people on it and only used the grill because I don't have a hanging cast iron pot.

3. Fire Maple Personal Cooking Equipment Ignition

Fire Maple Personal Cooking Equipment Ignition

There is a warranty service. BLUU has the best camping gear and survival kits. Omelets, coffee, pasta and more can be made with the click of a button. BLUU has a 30-day refund guarantee and a 1-year warranty service. If you have a question, please contact them. Their heat exchange technology reduces boiling times by up to 30% compared to traditional backpacking stoves. The 1 liter cook pot has accessories that fit into it. The set does not include a fuel canister, but is compatible with most canisters. This item is only 22 ounces. The built in ignitor of the stove makes it easy to ignite the stove instantly. The sturdy, hard anodized aluminum pot has a locking STAINLESS steel handle for secure and safe handling, this combined with the insulating neoprene cover on the pot will ensure years of safe outdoor cooking pleasure! 30 day return and 3 year warranty! - The Fire-Maple Fixed Star 2 is the ideal cooking system for backpacking, camping, hiking, trekking, fishing, hunting, biking, kayaking, tailgating, picknicking and all other outdoor activities.

Brand: Fire-maple

👤I don't usually write reviews for purchases because there are so many people already saying what I would have said. I had a hard time finding definitive answers to questions I had, so I bought it. How does it compare to a jetboil and is it worth it? If you are an ultralighter, you already know that this isn't for you and neither is the jetboil. To answer the questions. The stove looked sturdy and true to what was advertised to me. I set it all up and did a trial boil, because I have a couple 220g coleman canisters. I got water to boil in under 3 minutes in my garage, which was at a temperature of 75 degrees. I was impressed that I was boiling a liter of water. It was right on par with a jetboil flash from review videos and demos. How long until it cools off was my other concern. After about 5 minutes of pouring out water, the components were cool enough to pack up. The coleman canisters do not fit inside the pot, so I will have to find a fuel canister that fits inside to make packing easier. It is a solid piece of gear that does as advertised and comes in well under the price of a jetboil.

👤I have owned JetBoil products for a long time and the whole "complete cooking system, nested in the pot" thing was revolutionary. If you are shopping for Jetboils, you already know what this Fire-Maple thing is all about. It is almost the same as the JetBoil flash and Zip products. Everything seems the same as the materials feel the same. I like the Fire-Maple handle that locks the lid on during transport and allows you to carry your pot while it is hot. I like this as much as my JetBoil. I had to choose the Fire-Maple because it was about half the price.

👤I spend a lot of time outside while I am in the military. I don't like having coffee and hot water in the field. I bought this little guy. Mr. Maple kept me fueled up with coffee and improved my mood after my last field problem. This thing will make hot soup in about 3-4 minutes. Jet boil costs too much and it is a weird Chinese brand.

👤It was made in China. Fit and finish are acceptable. The burner started to smoke when I lit it. I had to turn the fuel flow down as it was trying to cut out. After a while, the burner stopped smoking and started regulating the flame better. The first pot I boiled stunk like chemicals after washing it out. The smell went away after a couple of water changes. I haven't eaten or drank it yet, but I'm afraid to until I wash it out and cook it again. The burner plate that the pot is attached to is not plumb to the burner or the bottle, so it doesn't set quite level on a level surface. The wire handle on the fuel adjustment is flimsy and will pop out of the mount if you Torque it. It's easy to shut the valve off as there is a bit of over travel in the valve, but the closing is positive. There is a It will work, but what about the burner and pot? I pulled the pot liner off and scrubbed the pot with liquid dishwasher detergent to limit the damage done to the coating, and I also washed the pot liner. I made a pot of tea after it dried and it tasted great. I think I can fix the burner plate myself. This is a problem that is unique to my unit, and it will affect the function of the stove. I raised my review from 3 to 4 stars because of the continued use and the great price I got for it. The unit is functional and if it holds up in the field, it should be good. The seller offered a concession, but I politely turned it down, as I think I've already gotten my money's worth.

4. Campfire Exclusive Storage Versatile Campfire

Campfire Exclusive Storage Versatile Campfire

Pull the strap tight on the larger tree. After securing the 5 foot extension tie strap to a nearby tree, you need to connect the two straps. You can adjust the lenth with a release buckle or hook. The portable folding camping grill is made from high quality coated steel with sturdy legs and has been carefully designed with space in mind. The folding design of this barbecue makes it 888-282-0465 and won't take up too much space in your vehicles. A generous cooking surface size is needed for any outdoor camp or campground. The cooking surface space is great for cooking for a group of people. The barbecue is 24 inches wide and 12 inches tall. It is versaTILE. This campfire grill grate is designed to be used over hot coals or a small open flame fire or fire pit. They have everything you need to cook bacon, eggs, toast, steaks, pancakes, sausages, or even pineapple slices. The foldable design of this barbecue makes it easy to set up when you arrive, and it is compact to store. You can unfold the legs, stand it up, and it is ready to use. It's very easy. The barbecue has carry handles to make it portable. There is a guarantee. They love camping and are an Australian brand. They know you will love their products. They will do what they can to make your product better if you don't like it.

Brand: Adventure Seeka

👤The legs need to be adjusted. If you try to use the grate without them, they will keep swinging open. If you want to use them, they fold randomly when you place the grate over fire. Frustrating. The invention did not melt and got the job done.

👤Like the design of the grill. Heavy duty. The hinges are impinging on themselves and preventing the 2 halves from opening. Sausage/hotdogs/corn will roll around and an egg will run down the griddle. There is no company website or email. Poor quality control. Can't fight gravity on this one.

👤I took this to the mountains as a replacement for a propane stove on my camping trip. If you have a raised edge around your fire pit, the legs will inevitably raise the grill too high from the fire if you place it high up. I grilled corn, kielbasa, green peppers, jalapenos, and spam. The only complaint I would make is that the skillet part lacks any walls around the edge, making policing up food and keeping it from falling into the fire a small challenge.

👤We used this camping for a week. It was very well made and heavy duty. The big size is easy to store. I was worried about the coating melting and being unsafe for food like other similar options but was reassured of its safety and there was no melting or chipping even with direct and long term fire contact. I'm very happy with the product I used.

👤Sturdy! We camped in the yard with the fire pit and made cookies because our cat got sick and we didn't want to go camping. It is fantastic. The legs are sturdy. It is everything we wanted. I think it is cast iron. We let it burn for a while. There were no strange smells or tastes. Excited to go to Big Bend next month.

👤A great grill for camping. The vendor gave me instructions when I ordered seasoning. We created a separate cooking area next to the main fire pit to cook campfire chili in our Dutch oven, grill burgers, and cook bacon and pancakes on the griddle side. It was wiped down with plenty of paper towels and left to cook in the fire.

👤We have used this on a lot of camping trips. It folds up and fits in the bag. It was run over by an SUV while setup, but it's still perfect and folds up properly. Our friends have bought their own and this will continue to be a camp essential for us.

👤It should last a long time. I like the way it folds. The heavy duty construction and material was the best feature for me. Sometimes it burns through after a few uses. The stand alone feature will allow you to build a fire and slide coals under it. Hope this helps.

5. Marshmallow Roasting Kit Telescoping Stainless Accessories

Marshmallow Roasting Kit Telescoping Stainless Accessories

The exam grade rating is done. The American Society for Testing and Materials requires that heavy-duty products be tested. They want to make your kids happy. The best gifts in the world are the ones they make with the people they love. Their marshmello roasting stick is a great smores maker, a camping equipment, camping accessories for bonfire and camping trips, roasting outdoors or in any roasting experience, so let them bring Joy and Color in your life. Their hot dog sticks are in a range of vivid colors. Ask other people how they feel about using the roasting stick. They write things like, "We loved the recipe ebook included.", and "great idea for camping!" My kids love these. The best part? The collapse of the marshmallows roaster from 34" to just 10" is easy to store and travel. It's best for cookware gifts, holiday gift baskets, and stocking stuffers. ARES's primary goal is to put a smile on your face. If you don't like their wiener roasting sticks or smores kit, just return it, and they'll replace it, if there's a problem. This warranty only applies to items purchased directly from the manufacturer, and does not apply to their campfire roasting sticks purchased through non-authorized re-sellers. They took great care in making their roasting sticks for the fire pit. Their extendable hot dog roasting sticks are extendable to 34” and can be used for campfire or marshmallows. It is fast and easy. Every roasting stick for camp fire comes with safety pins to make it safe for storage and handling around children. The set of smores sticks for fire pits comes with a beautiful orange canvas bag for storage and a portable size, so you can take them with you at camping. What's more? Check the pictures and the E-book for more ideas.

Brand: Arres

👤Carrying around the big bulky ones makes it hard to keep them clean. I just returned from a camping trip where we used these. They are easy to tuck away for storage. When they are completely extended out for use by the fire, they lose a bit of their strength, but they work well. They were dirty when I got home. I wanted to try to ruin them but threw them in the dishwasher. There was dirt and sticky on the bag when it was in storage. The babies were washed up like new. And so did the bag. I would purchase again. It's very easy to have for camping.

👤I shared in my previous review that I had gotten this product on time and as advertised but with a nasty issue. I opened the zip pouch containing the roasting sticks and it was full of mold or a mold-like substance, but it was really bad. I don't like to write bad reviews. That was not close to being satisfactory. I think it's fair to follow up when they try to make things right. After writing about the experience, the company reached out to me and apologized for the terrible situation and offered a replacement. This company did try to make up for it, and I hope this was just a one time situation.

👤The roasting sticks are pretty good. The double prongs work well. Little kids can use them. They look well made and attractive. They come with a carry bag. You can do it without turning your stick. Nice touch. They are sturdy and have a telescope. Here is me. But... The marshmallows melt on the inside of the metal prongs. They fall off before they brown. Several of us tried different roasting methods and couldn't figure out how to solve the problem. I love marshmallows.

👤I plan to order some for myself after receiving these roasting sticks. They are lightweight and have a bag for storage. They are each different colors so that everyone can keep track of their stick. If you have kids, you will know that this will eliminate conflict. They have little caps to cover the ends, but also keep track of them. It may be difficult. They are a bit wobbly when extended, but I don't think that will make them less effective. The flat ends of the metal used for the prong are not filed to a point, as my only complaint is. We haven't used them yet, so I don't know if this will affect their usefulness, and I doubt it, but the ones I've had in the past were filed to a point. I just wanted to point out that they were different than I have used in the past, but it is not an issue. Can't wait to try these out with my family.

👤The company reached out to me and I received another set of roasting sticks. The wood handle is supposed to cover the entire area. It was nicely packaged. A pouch is great. Excited to use them soon. They telescoped in and out all the sticks. Try these sticks. They are compact and come with rubber/Silicon tips so they don't stick to things, which is a plus in a camper with limited space. The customer service for this company is excellent. Customer Service is a star. I am happy I chose them. N.J. I was excited for my family when we went camping and in the backyard around the fire ring. There is a gap between the wood and black plastic cap. I thought the first one was loose and tried to push it down. That is how they came. There is a gap between the wood handle and the metal flat piece that appears to hold it in place, not sure if they are all like this or just my set. If a hot dog is on the stick, it could spin and possibly drop, depending on how you hold it. I reached out to TYG Customer Service on the day I received my order, but never received a response. The packaging was very good, arrived quickly and had a nice bag to hold them. I wish they were as nice as they looked. I didn't want to send them back because of the hassle. They did not respond to the issues with the roasting sticks. Great idea.

6. GOLDACE Camping Gear Equipment Accessories

GOLDACE Camping Gear Equipment Accessories

The innovative design of this kettle maximizes heat distribution for even cooking so everyone can have a steaming hot meal. The hook in 2020 has two parts, the hook chain and the 3-hole fixing plate. The hook is made of steel. The chain length is 46.45 inches, the large hole is 0.78 inches, and the small hole is 0.29 inches. The hook bag is made of synthetic material. The hook and fixed plate can be protected by the synthetic cowhide bag. The flame can be adjusted to the hanging chain's height. It can be used with outdoor cooking appliances. It is an essential tool for outdoor adventure, and it is easy to carry. Fine workmanship, round polished, without sharp edge marks. It's suitable for camping, hiking, adventure, herders, rescue, and extreme survival. You can quickly build a fire pit with just 3 small wooden sticks or bamboo. Please watch the video to learn how to use it.

Brand: Goldace

👤Does it work? Very much so. This is a good tripod pot for camping. I work for a company that deals in metal products like aluminum, carbon steel and other metal products. I cut the aluminum round bar in half and used the holes on the tripod plate to hold it in place. I believe you will like this product, it is made well and can hold up to 20 lbs of weight. If the stands can support the weight, you can use a large Dutch oven on it.

👤The product is good for hanging pots. Don't think it's for heavy stuff.

👤I didn't like the fact that the metal poles weren't included. They should make it clear that they are for sale. I haven't tried it, but the holes are small and the poles need to be larger to hold a cast iron Dutch oven.

👤I own something like this for home. It's large. I put it in my backpack because it can fit in my pocket. I only need a few small branches and a way to hang my pots over the fire. It works well.

👤The product was received on time. Works well. It's versatile for campfire cooking. It is very easy to use. Keep it in my kit.

👤Everything was expected and made to order.

👤This was purchased for someone. It was perfect when we were camping. It was practical and well made. You can take a long hike with your pack.

👤It was a survival gift. Person loved it.

7. REDCAMP Campfire Carrying Outdoor Cooking

REDCAMP Campfire Carrying Outdoor Cooking

Before ordering, make sure the dimensions of your existing grate are correct. The heavy-duty campfire grill is made of high-quality cold rolled steel, which is durable and reliable in performance. The Gravity Grill combo is a good choice for camping to cook a meal over the open fire. The grilling surface is 16.9*12.2"/ 43*31 cm. The camping grill has a steel diamond-shaped mesh grill top that allows heat to flow through from a campfire below and a curved design to prevent food from rolling. The handle is spiral. The shape of the triangle can be adjusted to fit the campfire you want. REDCAMP has a 100% money back guarantee. They will reply to you within 24 hours if you contact them immediately.

Brand: Redcamp

👤It was purchased and assembled quickly. A standard campfire ring is too small. The grate began to bend as the fire heated up. The handle broke in half because it was so hot. We had sausage to cook. As we placed a lightweight griddle on the grate, it bent to the point that all the sausage slid off into the fire. Not even a single use! It's complete waste of money.

👤The grill can't be used to place food directly. The smell of being heated causes a chemical smell to get into the food and leave a bad taste. There is no indication of whether the paint is fire resistant or not. I stop using it when I notice the taste in my food. It made my camping experience not enjoyable. Good customer service and a refund was what the company did.

👤The wooden handle broke off and the plastic knob melted, but it would have been okay. If it was a possibility, I would definitely return.

👤A great grill. It does what I wanted it to. I had to shave and file down the O-rings I used because they were made in China. It's kind of annoying. The O-rings don't fit perfectly, so we couldn't file the 100%. This grill setup would be awesome if they did. I can adjust the height over the fire. That is important!

👤I bought two of these for 8 people to eat all weekend. It is well built and easy to use. If you need to move up and down, you should buy fire proof gloves.

👤The picture makes the grill appear larger than it really is. The rack bounces when you put your items on it. It does what it is supposed to do.

👤It's easy to break, not very good instructions.

👤Sturdy. It may be too much for big pots. It can be difficult to adjust to hot weather. Two people should be recommended for that process. The carrying bag is ok, but it folds up well.

8. Texsport Heavy Barbecue Swivel Outdoor

Texsport Heavy Barbecue Swivel Outdoor

Safety and reliable service. UTOI BBQ grill gloves are certificated against thermal risks and are an essential cooking accessory in your kitchen or taking your money. Solid metal construction is welded to go over a campfire. The large grilling surface has a vertical stake support. The dimensions are 24 L x 16 W x 17 H. For optimal heat, the height is 17 inches. It is possible to protect from heat and flames. A portable grill is ideal for cooking.

Brand: Texsport

👤I loved cooking over the fire. The ability to hold up to the fire's heat is what makes this grill great. It worked well for a while, but then the stake began to bend and dinner was thrown into the fire. We did pound it back to normal. I tried to contact the company. It worked well several times and is not expensive.

👤This product was bought for a camping trip. We lined it with tin foil to keep food warm after we took it out of the box. I noticed the paint peeling after it cooled. It was taken home to be cleaned. The paint is peeling. barely used it.

👤I am giving this a 5 star rating. I cooked on this for 10 days. We left it in the ground for 10 days. We cooked in the morning and night. There was never a problem.

👤The black coating on the grill peeled off when I cleaned it. I asked for a replacement. The second person did the same thing. The grill had a black coating that peeled off while I was cleaning it. I returned both of them because I don't want to ingest that stuff.

👤The product is not as strong as it could be. It is rather wobbly. When you tighten the clip, it doesn't get tight enough to hold the grill grate in place. If you need to move it or not, that's a plus. It is braced against the post so that it can be easily bumped down and re-located. It can fall easily if bumped or jostled. I haven't heard about the paint peeling yet. It's not a big deal if the paint does peel. I don't think there is a fire proof coating for grill mats, and it can be taken care of by using a grill mat. It's not terrible but it's not the best. I can recommend it to others, but be aware that it is a little loose.

👤I love it! I have used the outdoor cooking system for years. I have built and bought many tools to cook over the fire. My brother and I used the system for 48 hours and loved it. You can have one side cooking while the other side stays warm by rotating it away from the fire. The cast iron skillet can now be used on the coals. Depending on what you are cooking, the ability to raise and lower the device is useful. I will definitely use this device for more camping trips.

👤The grill is a good size, the post is sturdy and the locks work well. If you want to drive into the ground and then remove and relocate, the fin on the post is large, so it might be hard to do unless you are in sand or something.

👤The paint will come off in a flash. If you want to cook directly on the grill, you should burn off all the paint first. It feels strong. If you flip the grill upside down, the lip is facing upwards. Hot dogs and other foods are stopped.

9. AmazonBasics Extra Portable Folding Camping

AmazonBasics Extra Portable Folding Camping

It is important to dry after washing to avoid rust spots. The hand wash was recomended. A heavy-duty campfire grill is used for cooking. The grill top is made of high-quality welded steel. Heavy cast iron is not intended for direct-contact grilling. The legs fold up underneath for easy transport and storage. Extra-large is 37.2" x 18.1" x 9.2" Backed by a limited 1-year warranty.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤This is the best grill ever. I am glad I got the large size. I was able to fit a small cast iron skillet and a kettle with room to spare because it fits over a standard fire ring. You can't directly cook food on this grill, but that's fine with me. The build is very sturdy. The large grill is great for car camping, but not great for backpacking. One of my favorite purchases so far.

👤I love the extra large grill. The size is perfect for cooking over fire pits. I cook on the grill. I washed the grill and used it to cook on it after I turned it upside down to burn off any paint that was going to bubble up. It works well and is holding up well. I've cooked on it at least 15 times.

👤The larger version of this grill has been in my possession for many years. I use this to keep water hot for coffee or to cook a side dish. It is very useful. The grills are best used over coals at the side of the fire. They will age much faster than they hold up, which will cause them to warp and rust. Either condition does not make them useless. Food will come out better when cooked with the "low and slow" option. Your food may be raw in the middle and burnt on the outside. I recommend buying an adjusted height grill or an adjusted rolled iron grill for best results if you want to cook directly on a grill. This is not a grill, it is a grate, and the best way to grill is on a pan.

👤I don't need to wait until Sunday to cook. I do it in the fire place. It fits perfectly and is very useful.

👤Good size for our cast iron skillets and hot water tub. It was showing some wear by the 3rd time we used it. It looks like we have had it for over five years. I made a Kaowool bag with Cordura so it wouldn't get messy. Does the job, but you need a good storage option, not to let it bounce around in the boot of your SUV.

👤GRILLS are made to cook food. There is a This is a grill. Is it not a good idea to put food on it? If a GRILL can't be used forRILLING, it's not worth it. This is not a drill. It is a support stand. I missed the thing called GRILL because I saw the title and didn't know it was not a GRILL.

👤This grill was used for camping in cold weather. I placed the grill over the coals after letting the campfire burn down. The water was boiled in my billy can. It worked well. I wouldn't recommend that, but it works well as a platform for cookware, and the manufacturer says not to cook food directly on it. It's robust and heavy, so I wouldn't recommend it for anything other than car camping.

10. REDCAMP Folding Campfire Portable Outdoor

REDCAMP Folding Campfire Portable Outdoor

A great gift idea. Are you looking for the best gifts for outdoorsmen? Is there a gift for the man obsessed with nature? The 8-piece camping accessories cooking kit is what you need to celebrate the occasion. The heavy-duty folding campfire grill is made of high-quality iron, which is durable and reliable in performance. You can serve delicious dishes on your campfire or fire pit. The unfold size is 12.2*6.7"/31*17 cm, which can hold multiple pots and pans. The folded size is 13.2*1.2”/33.5*3 cm. The camping grill has a steel mesh grill top that allows heat to flow through from a campfire below. The folding legs can be folded for easy transport and compact storage when you are done cooking. The grill will be hot when it's cooked. The portable outdoor folding grill is a practical Campfire Grill that makes it easier to cook a hot meal outdoors. Designed for use with outdoor cookware, frying pans, skillets and pots. It is not suitable for direct contact grilling. The portable outdoor folding grill is a practical Campfire Grill that makes it easier to cook a hot meal outdoors. Designed for use with outdoor cookware, frying pans, skillets and pots. It is not suitable for direct contact grilling.

Brand: Redcamp

👤I took it camping this past weekend, but didn't know how long it would be. We put it in the fire pit and cooked it with the indirect heat. It took 15-20 min to get them bubbling. I wish it was taller but it will work for the price.

👤The legs don't lock in place like described.

👤I like the design of this grill. I bought it because I can easily set it up in my fire pit and cook with my cast iron dutch oven and skillets. I haven't had to use it despite the record breaking cold temperatures. I like that it comes in a nice bag. It looks like it will be easy to clean. It will be used a lot in warmer weather.

👤The storage bag that it appeared to come with is not included. It seems great, but a little disappointed. Looking forward to using it this weekend.

👤I have already used more than I expected. It's a portable grill. Fan out all of it. You shouldn't have spills because the legs are giving the best support.

👤I used this product to cook on my fire pit.

👤The grill is simple but effective. It has a lot of space to serve 2 dishes and a main course at the same time. It was easy to put the grill over the top once the coals were at a steady heat. I highly recommend.

👤The small size makes for an affordable heat deflector alternative when used with a pizza pan.

11. Camping Tripod Board Portable Campfire Tripod Board Campfire Accessories

Camping Tripod Board Portable Campfire Tripod Board Campfire Accessories

It'sTILE: It's perfect for outdoor BBQs, picnics, camping, backpacking, beach, traveling and parties with friends and family. CAMPING TRIPOD BOARD The Campfire Tripod Board has three round holes to make tripod legs and one center round hole to fix chain. SIZE: The large hole and center hole diameter of the Campfire Grill Board is 1” and 0.6” respectively. LIGHTWEIGHT & STURDY The campfire tripod board can hold up to 25 pounds, but only has a total weight of 6.5 ounces. The polished 304stainless steel surface is easy to clean and resistant to rust. Adding a camping accessory to camping kits is a great addition. Set up The thicker the branch, the stronger the load. Attach the chain through the central hole and then pass the plug through the ring to secure it. The portable campfire tripod board is much lighter and more convenient than the traditional camping tripod rack. A quick tripod is needed for hanging cooking pots. Skills like lashing and knotting are not required. The portable campfire tripod board is much lighter and more convenient than the traditional camping tripod rack. A quick tripod is needed for hanging cooking pots. Skills like lashing and knotting are not required.

Brand: Ealpvis


What is the best product for camping cooking gear over fire?

Camping cooking gear over fire products from Xergur. In this article about camping cooking gear over fire you can see why people choose the product. Coleman and Fire-maple are also good brands to look for when you are finding camping cooking gear over fire.

What are the best brands for camping cooking gear over fire?

Xergur, Coleman and Fire-maple are some of the best brands that chosen by people for camping cooking gear over fire. Find the detail in this article. Adventure Seeka, Arres and Goldace are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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